Blockchain Card Game Releases In-Game Trailer

A fantasy card game powered by blockchain has released a new trailer of in-game footage, giving players the first insight into how the game might look.

Backed by leading cryptocurrency wallet and exchange service Coinbase, Gods Unchained runs on the ethereum blockchain, using a feature known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent cards.

The same technology that powers cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the trailer shows impressive graphics and strong features, demonstrating the capacity for gaming on the blockchain.

Coinbase Ventures was amongst backers to participate in a funding round for the game that was worth $2.4 million. Highly collectible cards have already sold ahead of the game’s release, with a single card reported to have sold for 146 ETH – over $60,000 at the time of purchase.

To date, some $2.8 million worth of cards have been sold, according to the CEO at Fuel Games, the startup behind Gods Unchained.

The game is preparing to enter closed beta in the coming weeks, with a further three months of open beta testing scheduled to follow thereafter. From there, the firm projects launching in 2019.

However, with rising transaction fees and increasing processing times, developers have been tightly constrained. Crucially, the action in Gods Unchained happens on Fuel’s servers, rather than on the blockchain, which allows for more ambitious gameplay and an improved player experience.

The trailer shows how players will be able to use the cards they have purchased. The early feedback from fans has been positive, with many hotly anticipating the game’s release.

NFTs have been used in other collectible games on ethereum, such as CryptoKitties. While the technology shares similarities with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, NFTs are not readily interchangeable – unlike cryptocurrencies, where one bitcoin is as good as the next.

This creates the possibility of collectible tokens which have utility as well as market value, as in the case of Gods Unchained.

Fuel Games CEO James Ferguson said the aim was to replicate the standard of games from major video game publishers.

“When we set out to build Gods Unchained, we really wanted to deliver the quality you would expect from triple-A publishers.”



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