How Can Online Poker Maintain Its Appeal?

How Can Online Poker Maintain Its Appeal?

With more and more different online gambling games being made, is online poker still relevant in today’s market? There has been a decline in players within the European market despite a growing number of players in other parts of the world. This can be due to the common offer among the largest online poker sites like PokerStars and Party Poker or the number of experienced players who could be intimidating to beginners. Despite these challenges, there are still ways to maintain the relevancy of online poker. Here are some ways to keep online poker exciting:

Poker hand incentives

Drawing a valuable hand in any poker game is always enough to excite any players. A game can further emphasize this achievement by rewarding a player with points when they receive these cards and win the game. They can exchange these points for different rewards or to cash. One casino implemented this system as the Two Kings promotion where players receive points if they receive two kings or aces at the start of the game. This promotion has helped increased the number of their traffic by a significant amount.

Rule variations

Another way of preserving existing poker player interest and to get new people to play it is to create a variation in the rules. One example is an online poker game like Texas Holdem that completely made the rules exciting. The hand rankings have also been altered by the rule variation. Three of a kind is more valuable than a straight and a flush can beat a full house. The removal of low value cards and changes in the rankings of the hand require a change strategy amongst experienced players.

Improved mobile app

Majority of people are on their mobile devices more often than on their desktop or laptop. The Global Online Gambling & Betting Market 2014 has predicted a growth of mobile gambling by about 40 per cent by 2018. There is a good potential for online gambling in the mobile market. Developers should implement the same features found in a desktop application to a mobile app.


There are many potential poker players who simply want a chance to play any existing online game. However, they might not understand the texts shown in the game in order to play it properly. Developers can tap into an untouched market by localizing their games in different territories around the world.

These ways can help online poker operators keep their existing players as well as attract new ones to their website. These strategies can also make Bitcoin poker more engaging. Other than the fact the Bitcoin in itself changes the way online poker is played, these strategies can evidently boost the appeal of online poker rooms and attract more players to join their poker tournaments, freerolls, and join the promotions.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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