Crypto Gaming Increasing Thanks to Coronavirus Outbreak

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Not even the prospect of a global recession thanks to the recent coronavirus outbreak taking the world by storm can stop people from using crypto to gamble. Although many traditional gambling properties, including brick-and-mortar casinos on the last Vegas strip and around the world are seeing their stocks and profits drop during times like this, at least one crypto gaming platform is reporting a huge influx of users thanks to mandatory lockdowns still yet to be lifted around the world.

That platform is called Bling Financial. During the month of March alone, the company saw its user statistics increase by almost 50%. The platform is currently reaching more than 400,000 users per month and 70,000 users per day. Those are pretty big numbers.

Making Bank During Isolating Times

Bling Financial CEO Amy Wan attributes the company’s success during a time like this to the fact that many people are sitting around. Despite the fact that the United States, Canada and hundreds of other countries around the world are reporting unemployment numbers the globe hasn’t seen since the 2008 financial crisis, it’s obviously not affecting some people. In Bling’s case, there’s a specific reason why.

What Is Bling All About?

Here’s the thing with Bling Financial. It’s a gaming platform, but that doesn’t mean users have to gamble to earn Bitcoin or other crypto. Instead they get rewarded just for downloading games on their phone and playing for fun. No need to risk one’s own finances.

Even if a user only earns a little bit of crypto, it’s nice to be paid just to play games and clearly hundreds of thousands of users are cashing in on the opportunity. Time and time again, gambling has proven to be a solid use case for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Take the risk element out of it, and any business willing to do that is sure to gain lots of users to its platform.

That’s Bling Financial’s value proposition as far as users are concerned, but what do advertisers and game developers get out of it? The answer to that is obvious. They get access to the users. They get to advertise in front of them, and they get to monetize their services in whatever way they do it.

Targeting crypto users usually means going after young males in a certain demographic, so it makes sense, and it’s earning players digital dollars. Everybody wins.

Games Available on Bling Financial

Given Bling Financial boasts over 700,000 users, it may come as a surprise that right now the platform only offers two different games for download on Android and iOS phones. Those games include Bitcoin Solitaire and Bitcoin Blast.

There are certainly more games and development, but as of right now it appears that Bling Financial is content scaling slowly as an exciting young start-up aimed at earning users some Bitcoin just for their engagement and attention.

Mobile Gaming is Worth Billions

Make no mistake about it. Just because users aren’t gambling with their own money, and there instead earning Bitcoin for their engagement, doesn’t mean that mobile gaming isn’t worth billions of dollars. Of course it is!

Ever heard of Candy Crush? It’s a popular game built to be played within Facebook. Users can pay for tokens if they wish to play after losing, but for all intents and purposes it’s possible to play the game for free as long as users are willing to wait 24 to 48 hours for their lives to refresh once they lose.

Candy Crush is arguably worth hundreds of millions of not billions of dollars just for the simple fact that the game has acquired a large number of users who spend large amounts of time playing. Though the game has been around for years, its popularity remains.

That’s why a company like Bling Financial is well positioned for the future. It offers a great way to introduce newbies to cryptocurrency and it doesn’t cost users any money to go out and earn some. The best part is they get to do it all while having fun! If a business can make money by showing its user base a good time without having to spend anything, everybody wins.

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