CryptoKitties Mobile App to Debut on HTC Handsets

CryptoKitties, the cat collecting and breeding app based on the ethereum blockchain, is coming to mobile, according to the details of a new partnership announced this week.

At the time of its launch, CryptoKitties weighed down the entire ethereum blockchain, such was the popularity of the game, which sees players collecting crypto-powered cat characters, based on the popular ethereum app.

The partnership between CryptoKitties and Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC will see the app offered to users of their flagship U12+ handset. The deal could introduce CryptoKitties to a much wider audience, verging on the mainstream.

Announcing the partnership, the firms confirmed the app, and apps built on top of the CryptoKitties system, would be made available as soon as this year.

HTC have said the app will initially be available to users in the US, although it remains unclear whether this will be extended to international markets from the off. Either way, it will present a good use case for the crossover appeal of apps built on blockchain technology.

Alongside the U12+, the app will also be available on HTC’s forthcoming Exodus smartphone, the blockchain-centric device that was announced by the firm at this year’s Consensus blockchain conference back in May.

Exodus is expected to launch in the third quarter, with initial reports suggesting the device could come in at a cost of around $1,000.

CryptoKitties has been nothing short of a phenomenon since its launch in November 2017. One of the earliest examples of blockchain tech being used for entertainment and gaming, it led to initial criticisms from elsewhere in the ethereum community, who said the game was taking up too much bandwidth on the blockchain.

Powered by the ethereum blockchain, one of the most notable alternatives to the bitcoin blockchain, CryptoKitties on mobile looks set to give the firm’s growth prospects a further boost.

While the bitcoin blockchain was built around bitcoin as a store of value, the main benefit of ethereum is its interaction with smart contracts and decentralised apps, which many within the blockchain community see as performing vital commercial functions across a range of different industries.



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