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Avid players may have not heard of it, but Bitcoin gambling operators may have likely come across it and availed of its services. After all, Delta.Support functions as the extra man in the team, working seamlessly to attend to the professional tasks needed by various Bitcoin brands on the market.

I had the privilege to speak with Ana Karamanova, Delta.Support’s head of business development.

Hi, Ana! Can you briefly describe Delta.Support and its functions?

Delta.Support is a rather young company and by young I mean not only the company itself, but also all the amazing, creative people working here. We offer outsourcing solutions for iGaming suppliers. We save our partners’ time and money, while delivering higher quality and professional attitude to their end users.

Where did you get the idea of creating a company from?

The idea for creating such a service for the online gambling industry formed while I was helping my husband with his business. He owns a software company, and I noticed how many of his clients were buying the platforms and then end up doing the support themselves. They literally hated it because they did not know exactly what to do. They were entrepreneurs, customer service is not what they had signed for and yet, there was nobody offering it on the market.

And it suddenly hit me – I am a professional hospitality entrepreneur. I have graduated two of the three best hospitality schools in the World in Switzerland. I have worked in numerous VIP customer departments in some of the world’s best hotel chains, such as Marriott and the Ritz. I can do it, I love my profession and the time has come to transfer my skills into the online gambling market.

How did the process of launching this business go?

Then came the struggle, I was not familiar with the gambling business. Playing in a casino for fun does not give you the experience to run it from the back end, I found out. In a turn of events which some might call destiny, one of my friends from high school, who was working for bwin and PartyGaming for nearly a decade, decided to leave his job return from Gibraltar back to Bulgaria. My partner in Delta.Support and current Head of Operations is Borislav Borisov. Back in the days he started as a simple CS associate, and then quickly grew through CS Trainer, Management Development Adviser, to Organizational Development Manager responsible for the human capital growth of the global organization. Now this ridiculously bright and inspirational person is the one who is responsible for our operations here at Delta.Support.

What can you say is the best thing about Delta. Suppport?

The best about our company is that we love our job and we do it with passion. We have a great team, a very well trained one, and the most important part of all – the work is interesting and rewarding. This is the key factor for delivering exceptional service, because this is what we do here at Delta.Support – We exceed expectations.

What are the advantages of availing Delta.Support services?

The main advantage for our clients is of course the range of services and languages, combined with the professionalism we maintain and the price they come with. We handle everything for our clients starting from live chat and fraud prevention, to VIP service, CRM and affiliate managers who are specialists in the online gambling and even more! We offer everything in multiple languages and time zones!

Also, all services can be fully customized to fit the budget and requirements of our clients so they grow their businesses easily. And we always strive to help our partners with free know-how and expert advice where possible.

How do you think you will be able to have a positive impact on the Bitcoin casino market?

Each one of our partners supports Bitcoin. We educate our staff about it and we believe that it is already becoming a very lucrative branch in the iGaming industry. Bitcoin operators need our help more than anyone else, as most of them are still young and focused on business development. They do not necessarily understand what a great iGaming customer support should look like. They have not yet struggled with the actual dark side of the gaming business, such as identity theft, money laundering, abuse, all sorts of fraud that exist in the real money business. All these are yet to come to the Bitcoin world, and the more popular Bitcoin becomes, the more problems will arise. We are here to solve these problems.

What characteristics of your brand/services do you consider revolutionary?

Our most innovative service at the moment is our fraud prevention. Recently we started working with a German company which specializes in online identity verification. They are rather new to the open market, German banks being the majority clients at the moment. What we present together is an identity verification which can be done live via computer, tablet or smartphone camera, with the click of a button. Easy and simple as it sounds, yet the most reliable verification that has ever existed on Earth.

Our main advantage is that we are limitless in terms of innovations, we aim to offer all the standard services, combined with the latest techniques to keep up with the market. We want to move customer service entirely to the social arena. Our staff is unbeatable when it comes to knowledge and quality. All of them are young smart people, very well educated and tech-savvy, each of our agents speaks at least 3 languages on expert level and this is something you will not   find anywhere.

When it comes to your clients, what can they expect from your services?

UltraPlay Ltd. is a platform provider who has been using our services for two years now for their clients, and we are happy with all the positive feedback we are receiving ever since. We become the human face of the companies who hire us, we are totally aware about what responsibility this is, thus we always strive to exceed customer expectation and achieve the coveted ‘WOW’ factor.

How secure are your services in terms of ROI?

The ROI is there without a doubt, especially when it concerns an online market. Your location does not matter anymore. Let’s face it – outsourcing something like customer support to a professional company is proved to be the best solution, rather than setting up an office yourself, because good customer support is not as simple and easy as most people think. It is not only picking up the phone or answering an e-mail. It is the training, the proper attitude, knowing how to smile in an email, and most importantly of all about understanding the needs of the person on the other end. This is what we do; we understand our partners and their end users’ needs.

Any last words you wish to share with your potential clients and the entire Bitcoin gambling community?

If you can get the best and pay a reasonable price for it, this is helping you and your business and you should use this as an advantage.

Thank you very much, Ana!



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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