Eminem Namechecks Bitcoin on New Album

You know you’ve reached public consciousness when you’re featured in an Eminem lyric. That’s exactly what happened with the release of his latest LP ‘Kamikaze’, in which the celebrated Detroit rapper touches on the subject of bitcoin.

Although not rapped by the man himself, the line appears in the song ‘Not Alike’, courtesy of guest-rapper Royce Da 5’9′.

“Remember everybody used to bite nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin.”

The album was launched last week by surprising, Eminem’s first release since December 2017. While the lyric isn’t exactly expected to boost the price of bitcoin, it comes as yet another mention of bitcoin or cryptocurrency in mainstream media, and arguably a high profile reference that will help spread the word about bitcoin.

Earlier this year, chat show host Ellen DeGeneres referenced bitcoin when her show featured a segment explaining “everybody is talking about bitcoin…[but] nobody understands it.”

She then went on to say “you’ll either be a millionaire or you’ll be totally broke” in the light-hearted feature, which has been described as one of the most memorable references to cryptocurrency in mainstream entertainment this year.

Several weeks later, it was John Oliver’s turn, where he likened bitcoin to “Beanie Babies”, and the mania around collecting them. At the time he labelled cryptocurrency a form of gambling, rather than investing, and while most in the cryptocurrency community would disagree, it is thought to have helped raise the profile of bitcoin with a mainstream audience.

The Eminem lyric is far from the first reference in rap circles, with 50 Cent thought to be a crypto millionaire from an album he launched in 2014 for bitcoin, as well as numerous other rappers and musicians known to be involved in bitcoin projects.

American-Senegalese artist Akon is another of high profile, who is currently building a crypto-city in Senegal, modeled on the fictional ‘Wakanda’ from the film Black Panther.

Individually, none of these references to bitcoin and cryptocurrency would be enough to encourage mass adoption. But as they become more common, analysts are optimistic this will help raise the profile of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, towards more mainstream ownership.



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