English Premier League Promos Launched For Bitcoin

English Premier League

The English Premier League defines the football scene in England. As the biggest competition in the country, it features over 20 of the best teams in the region. This makes it no surprise that the Premier League is one of the world’s most-watch football competitions.

This football league is broadcast the world over and has viewers in the billions. This is also the reason EPL is popular among sports bettors. After all, it provides them with a lot of betting options to feature.

The EPL lasts from August to May and the first matches are already scheduled to begin on the 13th. This is often the sign for the beginning of a betting frenzy, with punters seeking to place bets on the upcoming matches.

Sportsbooks are in a close competition for these wagers, which is why they often offer promos to attract bettors to bet on them instead. Two good examples of these are the promos from SportsBet.io and BetBaller.

SportsBet.io’s August Leaderboard

The EPL promo of SportsBet.io has bettors receiving points for each successful bet they make. Starting from the first matches of the month to the last match of August, which is Manchester City vs. West Ham United, punters can place bets and earn points for every winning bet.

SportsBet.io August Leaderboard

The points are equal to the amount wagered and won. This means that bettors who placed a 10 mBTC bet and won 100 mBTC will get 110 points. Losing wagers will not get any points, but neither will they have points deducted from them.

Participating bettors can keep track of their points and general ranking via leaderboard posted on the site. At the end of the month, the top 50 bettors will win prizes and will receive a portion of the 12,000 mBTC prize pool. The top five bettors will get 1,000 mBTC each while the others will receive lower amounts. Even the lowest players, however, will be receiving 50 mBTC.

BetBaller’s 150 BTC EPL Giveaway

The BetBaller promo’s pay off will take several more months, though. BetBaller account holders can send in an email of their predictions of the English Premier League standings as of Dec. 25. The deadline for the 150 BTC EPL Giveaway is on Aug. 12 and each account holder can only have one entry. This entry should cover the top eight slots of the league standings.

When Dec. 25 comes around, the entries will be checked against the current standings. Those who have predicted right, with all teams right and in correct order, will get a share of the 150 BTC prize. If only one bettor has gotten it all correctly, then he will get the entire pot currently worth around €100,000. If no one gets it correctly, then the closest list will receive 15 BTC, which is still a handsome prize.

BetBaller 150 BTC EPL Giveaway

To join this promo, bettors need to sign up for an account and place a minimum one bet of 10 mBTC at minimum 1.50 odds for every month from August to December. Additionally, only the first 500 entries will be accepted.

These interesting promos should perk the interest of EPL punters everywhere. Those interested in adding to the EPL betting action should try these promos out.


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