Epic Games and The Abyss Partner To Expand Game Development

Epic Games

Epic Games, the games developer behind ‘Fortnight’, have partnered up with the blockchain-powered The Abyss platform. The deal set to accelerate the development of new games.

Epic Games Partners with The Abyss Platform

Running on the same technology as cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine will receive beneficial commercial terms for launching games on The Abyss.

The platform has the potential to scale to hundreds of millions of players. The tie-up therefore positions Epic Games alongside the future competitor to Steam.

The Abyss launched its ICO last year, raising $15 million, and allowing token holders to vote on management decisions affecting the project. The platform also rewards game developers in tokens for purchases made through the platform.

Head of games licensing for Epic Games, Mike Gamble, said the partnership was welcome news for Unreal Engine developers.

“We’re delighted that The Abyss has chosen to provide additional resources to Unreal Engine developers and publishers on its platform. Unreal Engine 4 scales to hundreds of millions of players, and access to premier support and connections with the global community can be critical to success of large-scale games with live operations.”

Both firms are currently subject to non-disclosure agreements. That said, Unreal Engine developers will not need to strike up a separate arrangement with Epic Games. Developers will also benefit from better than standard terms.

The Abyss Background

First launched in 1998, the Unreal Engine has powered some of the world’s most popular video games. These include Medal of Honor, Batman and Mass Effect.

The Abyss was launched in March of this year, aimed specifically at developers of massively multiplayer online games. Developers are rewarded for referrals they make to the platform, regardless of whether or not customers end up buying the developer’s games.

The partnership will expand the range of games available on The Abyss. The company’s portfolio presently stands at just six – compared to some 30,000 on Steam.

With the Fortnight developers on side, the project looks increasingly like one to watch over the coming months.



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