EPL Week 13: Betting Odds & What To Expect

EPL Week 13: The Odds and What To Expect

English football continues with EPL Week 13 and the league is seeing some incredible games and performances from teams.

The most noticeable one is from Chelsea. Chelsea has come back from a devastating deficit two months ago. When September ended, they were in the eight place and eight points down from their nearest competition. Now, as November ends, they are at the top of the heap and are considered as contenders for the crown this season.

This week will be another round of matches and it has several highlights. The one that has a lot of people interested is the match between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

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Chelsea and Tottenham

Chelsea has managed to ramp up into a winning streak. As mentioned, they currently lead the pack. However, Tottenham Hotspur is also having an impressive run. Tottenham is currently the only team that has not suffered a loss yet. That is a pretty impressive achievement considering that it is already 13 weeks into the league. The two teams will be trying their best to win this one, with Chelsea hoping to hold on at the top, while Tottenham hopes to break into the higher ranks.

Chelsea has the odds on its side. Sportsbooks like Nitrogen Sports have released the odds for this weekend’s matches and they are decidedly in favor of the current leader of the pack. The current odds of Chelsea winning are at 1.721, while Tottenham is at 2.242.

Quite a bit of this success can be laid at the great performance of David Luiz. A lot of people were hesitant when Chelsea decided to buy back Luiz from Paris Saint-Germain. They remembered his bad behavior and inability to work with a team. However, it seems that the Brazilian player has matured and has become an important member of the team. As part of the team’s back line, he ensures that no goals from the opposing team will be slipping in.

Other Week 13 highlights

EPL Week 13’s other offerings can also be of interest, especially to fans of the sports and Bitcoin gambling. For example, there is the Arsenal versus Bournemouth match. With odds of 1.578 to win to Bournemouth’s 2.509, Arsenal is the clear favorite. It helps that Arsenal has a secret weapon in the form of Juan Mata. The player has been playing consistently well since he first joined the EPL in 2001 as a part of Chelsea. For this season, he has already managed to score 23 goals in just 12 matches, which is a stunning achievement.

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These two matches are just the highlights of the weekend for Premier League betting. Other matches include Hull City versus West Bromwich, Leicester versus Middlesbrough, and Manchester United vs. West Ham United. The English Premier League ensures that the sport betting will continue on a regular schedule.

Meanwhile, sports bettors can also catch the odds offered in other Bitcoin sportsbooks, including BetEast.eu and SportsBet.io.


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