Facebook Bolstering Blockchain Team

Facebook is in the process of hiring a number of new staff for its blockchain team, as the firm continues to invest in researching and developing new applications of the technology.

The same technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Facebook is exploring a particular focus on applications in marketing, data science and software engineering.

While the social giant has yet to confirm any specific products that could run on blockchain platforms, a job posting published by the firm invites developers to help “billions of people with access to things they don’t have now.”

There are further clues, with the posting suggesting “equitable financial services, new ways to save, or new ways to share information” as potential areas the company is looking to research further.

Integrating blockchain payments or services within the Facebook ecosystem could be a significant step towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, introducing the site’s 2.82 billion users a month to crypto, and in most cases for the very first time.

Facebook’s blockchain team was set up back in May, incorporated as a separate startup owned by the firm – a move some analysts have interpreted as an indication Facebook could be working on more than just internal applications of the technology.

The blockchain team is led by David Marcus, formerly the lead on the firm’s Messenger app, with senior engineer Evan Cheng recently moved to the division as “director of engineering, blockchain”.

Amongst the roles Facebook is looking to fill are positions for data scientists and data engineers, who will be “informing solutions with a variety of data”, while “building models of user behaviors for analysis or to power production systems.”

The team is also hiring software engineers “who share a passion for tackling complexity and building platforms that can scale through multiple orders of magnitude.”

The expansion comes at a time of similar moves from leading tech and financial firms, as well as companies in an increasingly diverse range of sectors.

As blockchain technologies and applications become more accessible, companies are increasingly investing in teams to explore opportunities for blockchain.



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