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BC Casino

Its four years in the business is no joke, and neither is its aim to remain as one of the most trusted Bitcoin casinos. This I found out when I chatted with Brian Cosmin, who has been the general manager of BC Casino ever since the brand launched online.

BC Casino. Could you tell me more about it?

BC Casino was started as a pilot project for a well-known casino software company that we agreed to never mention due to legal concerns. The main idea was to gather new ideas and experience with this new crypto currency to stay a step ahead of the competition. This was back when one bitcoin was only about 1 USD!

We were the first “real” online casino to accept bitcoins wagers back in that time. We started the bitcoin casino project back in January 2010 and completed it by September 2010. BC Casino went live on October 2010.

Our sole competitor was our friends from StrikeSapphire. We were the first to process deposits automatically back to the player deposit address and make full use of the blockchain. This basically gave the well-known Satoshidice game the idea to create this fantastic provably fair blockchain dice game.

Back then we enjoyed a lot of feedback and liked to give back big parts of the profits generated to the community in form of donations, free bitcoin competitions etc.

What is the difference of BC Casino from other Bitcoin casino brands?

We surely payout more than any other online casinos; with gross profit of 2%, we pay out 98% back to players. Most of the slots pay out 96.5% in mean except for the jackpot slots that pay a little less. We are by far less aggressive in marketing than our most direct competitors that entered the markets in the last months. We respect full player privacy and anonymity. We also offer an ongoing 20% play bonus (bonus is removed at cashout, no game restrictions) on every bitcoin deposits which is unique to our casino and only possible with bitcoin as a mean of deposits.

During the four years of operation, what have been the challenges that hit the business and the brand?

Challenges were mostly attempted hacking and scammers. Like most bitcoin business we had to deal with a lot of hacking, scammers and other bitcoin related issues that we always managed to resolve thanks to the help of the incredible bitcoin community! Also, the fake gambling reviews sites asking for money to remove made up negative reviews or extortions sites are really annoying to say the least but is sadly part of the game.

After seeing lot of black hat marketing going around the bitcoin gambling industry the nice and friendly Bitcoin gambling community is getting compromised by scammers and quick bucks operations that disappear only after a couple of weeks to deprive players from their deposits. This is sad but also shows that bitcoin is getting more mature and is prove that bitcoin is very attractive to the online gambling industry.

Surely BC Casino will not leave the industry any time soon. Can you tell us more about your plans?

We will offer mobile gaming, and a mobile html5 version is in development already, as well as a new downloadable version for tablets. But most importantly, we will work on a new simple way to show provably fair gambling to our customers.

Aside from these plans, have there been relevant updates or developments on your platform like new Bitcoin games on BC Casino?

We just introduced 12 new slots and will keep adding new games.

What is your take on the rise of Bitcoin gambling sites and Bitcoin in general, though?

The rise of bitcoin for all type of online gambling was inevitable as it is simply the perfect match.

The number one problem in traditional online casinos is the CC deposits associated with their respective charge backs. Lot of traditional online casinos had to close doors after being hit heavily by fraud syndicates. With bitcoin this is simply impossible. Trust is now moved from the players to the casinos. Players need to trust the casino to handle their deposits fairly and that the casino will pay out their winnings. They can’t simply charge back their CC in case they lose or because the casino did not pay out.

Another bitcoin innovation is the provably fair games which underline further the switch of trust from players to operators. Casinos are now in charge to prove they deserve to operate an online casino. BC Casino enjoys a long-lasting high reputation being the first complete online bitcoin casino since 2010. Our happy players know what they get in trusting their bitcoins with us and enjoy immediate and fully automated withdrawals only possible since using bitcoin as a deposit method.

Do you believe cryptocurrencies will significantly affect our lives in the years to come?

We strongly believe in crypto currencies as method of payment and as a possible disruptive protocol in the financial world. Being an early adopter we enjoy seeing the evolution of bitcoin not only in the gaming industry but also in revolutionary new applications using the bitcoin protocol. We are big fans and supporters of OpenBazaar. This application has the potential to change how current business and exchanges are handled on a global level. This is not gambling. This is not virtual. This is for the real world for every single one of us!

Couldn’t agree more, Brian. Before anything else, is there anything you want to tell your potential customers?

We believe to have the most attractive slots from all bitcoins casinos. We focus on our loyal players with generous cash back since the very beginning and do support bitcoin and the bitcoin community since 2010.

Trust and support. Well, that’s about it. Thank you very much for this opportunity!



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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