How to Gamble on Mobile Devices with Bitcoin

Smartphone Gambling

Gambling on a mobile device might sound simple for an experienced player used to dealing with major brand name sportsbooks or online casinos using U.S. Dollars or whatever their fiat currency of choice happens to be. Big gambling brands like Bet365 and Bodog can offer apps that make navigating and placing a wager really easy.

So if they are that easy, why would anybody want to rely on a mobile betting experience that doesn’t involve an app, demanding that the users scroll through pages with their thumb? It’s because a lot of cryptocurrency betting websites offer better deals on odds both for sports wagers and table games.

However, depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency and using it to place wagers is not the same as using fiat money. Those new to cryptocurrency likely don’t know how to generate a deposit or withdrawal address to send coin to or receive it from, and they don’t understand the importance of protecting their funds with a third-party authentication app.

It’s important not to dismiss these minor details because in the world of digital currencies, the gambler is their own bank. If an online account is hacked and coins are stolen, Bitcoin betting sites aren’t going to give gamblers refunds.

Here’s everything players thumbing through their favorite Bitcoin betting sites need to know about the mobile experience, the security of betting with Bitcoin, and the advantage to using it over regular money.

Basic Steps to Using Bitcoin for Mobile Gambling

Before even considering gambling from a mobile device, the first step is to turn good old-fashioned money into Bitcoin. This means either trading it in person with somebody using (or asking a friend), or logging on to a Bitcoin exchange that will accept cash in exchange for coins. Most exchanges in a gambler’s home country will require identification in order to accept the cash. They may take it through any transfer, a direct banking deposit, and some will even accept a credit card.

In order to send the Bitcoin off to the betting site of choice, one must copy and paste a string of characters representing the wallet on the selected Bitcoin betting site and send their coins to the gambling wallet. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on the kind of cryptocurrency used and how long it takes the transaction to be confirmed on that coin’s public ledger.

Mobile-Friendly Bitcoin Betting Sites

Believe it or not, most Bitcoin betting sites or casinos don’t have an app. Most rely simply on having mobile responsive websites. It’s cheaper and a lot of these Bitcoin betting sites are owned by smaller operators that don’t necessarily have big budgets for building applications. Also they understand that many gamblers value their privacy so they don’t want to host a Bitcoin gambling mobile app right on their device. They would rather use a browser and just hide their desire to play.

A site like BetOnline and its sister property might work well because players can engage in sports betting and poker, all on a mobile device.

Other popular Bitcoin gambling sites include:

Keep in mind the above sites mostly focus on table games. Those who want to get more into sports betting on a mobile device can check out CloudBet, 1xBit, Bodog/Bovada,, Nitrogen Sports, BetCoin and a handful of other options.

Before getting into any of this mobile Bitcoin gambling however, users need to make sure they understand both the mobile navigation, the gambling odds and gameplay, and the best way to transfer Bitcoin in and out of wallets, exchanges and gambling sites.

There’s no better time than the present to continue learning about Bitcoin gambling. Do that, and experience the excitement all from the comfort of a smartphone or tablet.

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