iBeacon Technology Shows Potential in Mobile Gaming

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Apple’s iBeacon technology continues to show promising innovations in mobile commerce. Although it still excludes the integration of Bitcoin, it opens possibilities of positive impact on mobile gaming.

Released a few months back, iBeacon has recently featured a device update that significantly improves the function of the current technology.  This update no longer requires devices to turn on the application in order to send and receive beacon signals while still allowing retailers to push information to customers and accept touchless payments among others.

Designed to become a fast, easy, and alternative payment method, iBeacon focused on its ability to make contactless payments using fiat currencies only, and therefore, leaving out the popular virtual currency Bitcoin.

Although possibly seen as a direct competitor in mobile commerce, Bitcoin can provide the technology that can further enhance the payment experience iBeacon can offer. For instance, the Bitcoin integration can provide retailers with fewer expenses in adopting the new form of payment.

For the part of retailers, instead of purchasing expensive point-of-sale systems, Bitcoin can promise cost-efficient methods that can also exempt them from transaction fees and chargebacks. The consumers, on the other hand, can experience a faster and safer payment process, given that the Bitcoin network is cryptographically secure.

Unfortunately, there are no plans for Apple to include the digital currency to iBeacon technology to date. Nevertheless, Bitcoin mobile casino gaming may possibly benefit from this innovation just like how a popular mobile gaming app is taking advantage of it.

“We think there are huge implications here, and we also think that gaming will be one of the core drivers for adoption, as tends to be the case with new technology,” said VP Product Kabir Hemrajani of The Tap Lab, the company behind the successful Tiny Tycoons mobile game.

Once mobile developers have mastered the true potential of the iBeacon technology in the mobile gaming industry, the possibilities will be endless, according to Hemrajani.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin gambling developers can look into numerous ways to benefit from it such as the optimization of the rewards system of mobile Bitcoin casinos or the addition of sports betting features while watching the games live.

Despite the fact that iBeacon is still in the early stages, it has already shown promising technologies that will benefit various industries, causing the mobile gaming sector to already queue up for these innovations.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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