Improved with a New Look, Bitcoin Gambling Guide Redesigned

Easier to browse and made more informative – these are just some of the improvements Bitcoin Gambling Guide now offers after it went through a website redesign. With this, the site is expected to offer bitcoin players not only relevant and accurate details about bitcoin gambling but also the most convenient way of going over information about bitcoins as well as reviews of bitcoin gambling brands.

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In the previous design of Bitcoin Gambling Guide, all the information provided are congested above wherein the visitors must click the link one by one to see the categories it entails. It can be a bit effortful to the players as after reading an article, they have to go over the process again. Hence, it is indeed a great move for them to redesign their site.

The new look of Bitcoin Gambling Guide made the site appears neater and more organized. They have arranged their pages’ links from the general information about bitcoin betting, bitcoin casino games, full review of almost all bitcoin betting brands, up to the details on how to get bitcoins. All the links are readily provided so after reading an article, visitors can directly click the link to navigate into another article.

Furthermore, newest features are also added in Bitcoin Gambling Guide; hence, it is easier to locate the certain topic anybody wants to read on. One interesting feature they have added is the chart of the Best Bitcoin Casinos wherein the casinos have been ranked based on the rating given to them. Also, full reviews about bitcoin betting brands are divided into several categories, Casino, Poker, Dice Games, Sportsbook, as well as Lottery; thus, it is a lot easier to go over the reviews of the bitcoin site offering the visitor’s desired game.

Aside from these features, Bitcoin Gambling Guide also provides articles not only about bitcoins and bitcoin betting in general, but also full reviews of almost all the bitcoin betting sites anyone can find the internet. Name a bitcoin gambling brand and surely they have a full review for it. Currently, there are 63 full reviews of various bitcoin betting brands and complete reviews from new bitcoin gambling brands are still added regularly to keep the site updated and guide bitcoin betting enthusiast to the bitcoin betting site fitted for their needs and wants.

Moreover, the combination of white and orange as the site’s main backdrop has also been changed to white and blue. With this, Bitcoin Gambling Guide appeared more user-friendly as it is not anymore overpowering to the eye. It is actually a good choice as it made the site provide a more relaxing and at the same time stimulating ambiance for its visitors.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide will definitely be the number one guide for bitcoin betting enthusiasts. It does not only offer full information about bitcoin betting but also the quickest and easiest way to have a good grasps of these details. Redesigning the site is absolutely a great step as it is expected to help bitcoin players to fully enter the bitcoin betting world.

Bitcoin players can also expect improved features to soon debut on the site, including a more interactive platform and the BitcoinGG File a Complaint function.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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