Improving the Odds: Tips for Bitcoin Poker

Improving the Odds: Tips for Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin poker is one of the more popular gambling games out there. This is mainly because of the competitive aspect that it presents. Unlike other gambling games, poker is not against a dealer or just a random pull on a slot game. Poker involves skills and is often against other players. Some people like gambling because of the luck factor, but others just like to win. This is what people get with Bitcoin poker.

However, online poker can have a high barrier to entry. This is because poker can be pretty cutthroat in its competitiveness. For those who need a way to even the odds, here are four tips to help them give the competition a run for their money.

Learn to fold

One of the biggest mistakes new poker players make is that they think they always have to play a hand. Kenny Rogers had it right when he sang about knowing when to hold them and knowing when to fold them. Staying in a hand for a player means calling and possibly raising their bet. This can be bad for their bankroll. If the hand is a bad one or if the competition seems to be too confident, the best approach for a player is just to fold. This means they can preserve their bankroll and potentially come back for a win in a later round.

Be observant

Another key tip that people should keep in mind when playing online poker is to be observant. This is not as useful as it could be in offline poker, but there are several factors that an observant player would be able to use. First, the most popular variation of online poker right now is Texas Hold ‘em. This variant has a “river” of community cards that is seen by the entire table. Observant players would be able to determine the best hand of cards available from this limited set of information.

Another factor that players can observe is the behavior of other players on the table. Some players have habits when it comes to betting that can help a player decide on his future move. For example, some players try to bluff by wagering high when they have a bad hand or something similar.

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Become familiar with the environment

Online poker is a lot different from offline poker. When players play in offline poker, the table is the same everywhere.  However, for online poker like Americas Cardroom, different cardrooms often use different software. Each online cardroom has their quirks so players need to know them if they want to be effective poker players. This includes how to join games, how to bet, and other specifics. Knowing all of these is needed to ensure that playing is done as smoothly as possible, especially with the different promotions at Americas Cardroom, for example.

Know the game

Finally, poker is a complicated game. Knowing just the basic rules will not get a player far. Players will need to know the added intricacies of poker. This includes the odds of particular hands and knowing the importance of positioning at the poker table. To learn all of this requires actual experience though. Ambitious poker players should hone their skills at poker tables on a regular basis. offers quality online poker tournaments for Bitcoin and Litecoin players.


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