Justfire Wins Patent for Firearms Blockchain


Firearms company Justfire has been awarded a patent for a new system to record firearms usage on the blockchain. The system uses the same technology as cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Justfire Creates Blockchain Firearms Usage System

Georgia-based startup Justfire secured the IP for the model, which records data about use of the firearm on the blockchain. The result will subsequently be an immutable record of firearms usage.

The patent shows the flexibility of blockchain technology, most commonly known for its role in facilitating cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether. The Firearms sector is therefore only the latest market to benefit from the technology.

The Justfire device records a range of data, including video and audio in real time, recording dangerous situations for evidential purposes. The firm said it would then reward tokens to those running nodes and verifying transactions on the network. This effectively creates a decentralised structure for maximum data integrity.

“Nodes of the blockchain network may include client devices, servers, and firearm environmental recording apparatuses, and tokens of a cryptocurrency may be provided to nodes for performing data transactions in the blockchain database.”

Essential Evidence Of Lethal Force

CEO and inventor of Justfire, Jason Palazzolo, said the technology could also provide essential evidence in situations of lethal force.

“Justifire uses a combination of autonomous sensors to capture every aspect of any given situation. Self-defence cases can then use the data to recreate the events surrounding the firearms discharge.

Like a bitcoin transaction, the data is written to a distributed ledger, which is verified across a distributed network. A court can therefore receive this unalterable record as evidence.

The technology is similar to an aircraft black box recording. The latter also securely records and store flight information for investigating in the event of accidents.

The firm is now in the process of securing funding to continue the development of the product. Justfire says will it revolutionize investigations into gun usage, including cases of self-defense and lethal force by law enforcement.



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