New NFL Season Heats Up Bitcoin Sports Betting

New NFL Season Heats Up Bitcoin Sports Betting

The 97th season of America’s premier football league continues the tradition of bringing great games to the American public. Starting with a kickoff game on Sept.8 between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, the 2016 National Football League or NFL season will be sure to be another spectacular showcase of excellent football.

The season ends next year on Feb.5, 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, with the Superbowl LI. Between those two dates will be 256 games which can deliver a whole lot of betting action for players to enjoy. For Bitcoin gamblers, they will need to pick out the best sportsbooks to place their wagers at. Here are a few Bitcoin sportsbooks that offer competitive NFL odds.

Nitrogen Sports offers NFL odds

Popular sportsbooks

Nitrogen Sports is one of the more popular sportsbooks out there. With a wide range of betting options covered by the site, it becomes one of the go-to sportsbooks for Bitcoin bettors. For the NFL, Nitrogen Sports has a good level of coverage and often has game odds offered several weeks before the game itself, like they have with the kickoff game. The sportsbook offers the basic win odds and over under odds, which should be good enough for anyone.

Another potential choice is Cloudbet. The site is another excellent sports betting site, although a bit simple in its choices. Players can only bet on the possible winner of the match, with basic odds placed on them, and the point spread. The difference is the wide variety of choices as there are usually 10 or more games being offered.

For those in the US, Bodog is a great site that offers some very good odds. It does offer the basic win odds, while offering moneyline odds. This gives people easy choices. European fans, on the other hand, can get the same experience with Betballer. The site offers more betting options, though, in terms of over-under odds and even has in-play betting available.

Finally, is another excellent site for those who want to start betting on the NFL. The problem is that it can be confusing for beginners with its betting options. This includes the point spread and the money line options, which need some explanation for first-time sports bettors. It would be good for experienced bettors, though, as they would know what they are doing.

Cloudbet offers NFL odds

What to bet on

All of the sites offer the most basic of bets: who will win the match? A lot of betting sites only have this as their main options. Of course, some sites put in handicaps to raise or lower the odds a bit. This gives the different Bitcoin sportsbooks a bit of an edge, so it is recommended that beginning sports bettors focus only on the basic bets. Other than which teams will win, there are also side bets like which players can score the most. Finally, there are outright bets on who will win for the entire season.

With all of these betting options available, Bitcoin sports bettors will be sure to have a lot of choices available to them.


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