Nitrogen Sports Co-Founder Hints Game-Changing Plans for the Bitcoin Sportsbook

Bitcoin sports betting continues to become a popular gambling activity in the market. Amid the growth of the Bitcoin casino market, more brands are launched and more players indulge in sports betting. Nitrogen Sports, which is among the most popular and established sportsbooks that operate on Bitcoin, remains to be a go-to platform for old and new bettors.

I spoke with its co-founder, James, to learn more about its goals in the future to keep Nitrogen Sports always on top of the game.

Nitrogen Sports already has a name in the Bitcoin sports betting market, but I’m sure everyone wants to know what inspired you to come up with such platform.

As bettors it became clear to us that current sportsbooks weren’t using the latest web technology. We saw an opportunity to create a better product purely from the tech point of view. We also noticed that most sportsbooks were “serious” and a little intimidating. We wanted to create a brand with fun promotions and a social community. Our goal was to create something a little bit different! Some of our best ideas are still in the pipeline, so people have a lot to look forward to over the upcoming year.

It’s doing well in the Bitcoin niche. Is running on Bitcoin the primary plan, though?

We looked into Bitcoins early on when the idea of cryptocurrency first started getting press. It seemed like the ideal way to revolutionize gambling. They were the perfect fit for our goal of using new technology to advance betting.

And part of the new technology you use is the software. Is it exclusively made for Nitrogen Sports?

Nitrogen Sports software is wholly owned intellectual property, exclusive to the Nitrogen brand.

You’ve been in the business for two years. What have been the challenges that you’ve experienced and how did you learn from them?

We face the occasional hacking attempt and DDoS attack. This is why we’ve made security our first priority. It’s important to secure Bitcoins offline to ensure they can’t be accessed by unauthorized people.

The Bitcoin sports betting market is getting more interesting with new brands coming into the scene. What will be Nitrogen Sports’ next moves?

Some of our long-term plans for Nitrogen are things that nobody else is doing at the moment, so we’ll have to keep those a secret for now. Recently, we were very excited to launch Nitrogen Poker. You can also expect to see some popular casino games added soon with the usual Nitrogen-twist of course.

I’m sure they are worth looking out for. On a general note, James, do you see a lot of demand for Bitcoin casino and gambling?

Well, that depends on how you define “a lot”. We definitely see the potential for Bitcoin gambling, and have based our entire model around it as proof of this. That said, bitcoin is still a drop in the pond in terms of real money gambling, and it might be awhile before we see a significant move towards cryptos when it comes to betting online. In the long term, we think bitcoin will continue to take larger pieces of the total market share of online gaming.

What can you say about Bitcoin’s status in the near future? How about its price stability?

Bitcoin in the near future will start to see wider adoption. You can still ask a room full of people about bitcoin and you might be lucky if one could actually feel comfortable saying they know what it is well enough to explain it. As it gets covered in more mainstream media, and as its use is made easier for non-techy folks, I think we’ll start to see a lot of people using it.

Stability is something that affects lots of opinions around bitcoin. As for the long term, if bitcoin continues to be useful—merchant adoption, speed and cheapness of transfers, secure—then it will gradually grow, as would any useful asset of limited quantity.

Insightful as always. Thank you very much for your time, James!



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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