Playfors COO Cristian Meller Reveals New Plans to Benefit Operators and Players


I had the chance to speak with Playfors COO Cristian Meller, and he shared insights into his brand, the future of online gambling, and the general impact the presence of cryptocoins will have on our lives:

For those who are not aware, what exactly is Playfors, specifically the services it provides, and where is it positioned in the market?

Playfors is an online gaming platform that includes games, casino websites, admin back end, and an integrated affiliate system. We develop several game engines from scratch and use modern technology and HTML5 to create slots, table games, video poker, bingo, lottery, and sports that are compatible with desktops and mobile devices. Technically, we give operators the flexibility in managing their online gaming businesses by providing them the complete package.

What exactly can operators expect from the Playfors package?

We offer several free WordPress templates that can be modified by the operators, so they can control the design and other elements. If they wish, our team can get that job done for them too. Playfors back end, on the other hand, allows real-time monitoring of all the aspects of the online casino package, as well as those of casino management like bonuses and wagering requirements settings. The package also features the integrated affiliate system, which includes an affiliate website and a back end. What’s great about our affiliate system is that it’s the only real-time affiliate program for online gambling with Bitcoin.

With such a complete online gaming package, what else can we expect from Playfors?

We have recently partnered with Betsoftgaming and Ezugi. So, aside from the 18 exclusive Playfors games, our platform now also offers over 150 superior-quality games with rich graphics, together with an impressive variety of live dealer games. All these are available to all Playfors operators, by the way.

We are also building our admin back end to become more flexible and adaptive. For instance, we want to offer more reports and management tools, and we are looking into releasing a new feature that enables operators to design their casino using a drag-and-drop technique similar to the WIX website platform.

Also, we want to add more cryptocurrencies to our portfolio on top of the real-money integration. This means we are obtaining a gambling license as we speak.

Can we expect all of these before the year ends?

Well, most of these are already pushing through, and we’re happy with their progress. Do expect more surprises, though, aside from the major news I have just revealed.

On a different note, how does Bitcoin affect the online gambling markets in general?

Gambling with Bitcoin opened up a rather conservative industry to new opportunities, but we figure it’s only the beginning. Bitcoin has several advantages for online gamers and operators like easy and less expensive fund transfers, no fraud and chargebacks, lack of regulation, and lower operation and marketing costs. It also allows anonymous transactions that can be proved and publicly audited.

Which gambling niche do you think will likely lead the market? Is it casino, sportsbook, poker, or any other you can think of?

Of course, each gambling product or type has its own dedicated loyal customers, and therefore, there is room to develop and provide all of these products, but we believe that sports will lead the Bitcoin gambling industry when it comes to overall adoption. We have noticed some trends in real-money gambling over the past couple of years, and it involves the seemingly decreasing appeal of poker as compared to the more popular Binary and Forex. Casino, meanwhile, is stable in our opinion.

How will the cryptocoins affect our lives in the future?

Cryptocurrencies are the future and will completely replace the current monetary system, which in my opinion is corrupt and severely sick. We are witnessing an era where financial crisis is becoming the norm. Different banks, investors, hedge funds, and government are using leverage in the most creative ways, and it is only a matter of time until it all collapses in our faces. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is an open source technology—not only a currency—it is not controlled by a bank, government, or any single entity, and it doesn’t have a deflation problem with the 21 million Bitcoin limit by 2040. Other coins have their own setups, but they are similar in concept.

What tips can you share with online players to avoid fraud platform?

It’s important for them to find a provably fair place to play. We also advise that they investigate about the brands and prioritize those that offer customer service and chat feature. They can also try the gambling experience with small deposits at first and attempt a withdrawal or two to ensure the casino’s legitimacy. Remember that most brands are honest, but you wouldn’t want to be playing in those that are not.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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