PocketDice.io Launches, Offers Real Dice Betting Experience

Pocket Dice

A New Type of Dice

When it comes to gambling sites, nothing is better than a site that brings something new to the table. This is exactly what Pocket Dice has done. Bringing with it a mobile site and a provably fair system, this new and exciting dice game shows that there are still many ideas that just haven’t hit the market yet.

How it Works

Most Bitcoin dice sites aren’t truly based on dice. Instead, they are based on a random numbers between, say 1 and 100. Players then choose a number they want the result to (hopefully) be higher or lower, and are given a reward that keeps the house edge at a certain percentage. For example, it may be a roll that is less than 49.5 will give twice than what was bet. These sites are the most common, and all of them are pretty much just clones of one another.

Pocket Dice brings about a new idea, where instead of rolling random numbers that have no real meaning, players are rolling actual dice like the ones you would see in a casino. The number players bet on, therefore, is based on what the result of the two dice would be (such that the maximum roll would be a 12 and the minimum would be 2). Even so, that doesn’t mean it’s as simple as having a 1/11 chance of getting the right roll. Keep in mind that both 5+5 and 6+4 equal 10, so that has to be considered when it comes to the odds. The end result of the game is a completely different and unique approach on how to play the game. And since all rolls are also provably fair, everyone can verify on their own that the site isn’t cheating anyone.

Free Money!

Anyone that signs up a new account at Pocket Dice (which only requires a username and a password) instantly gets 0.01 mBTC added to their account. This can be used to better understand the game, as well as gamble and try to get it built up more. This is a kind gesture of the developers, and doesn’t require special links or requests; it is all handled automatically.

Other Features

Pocket Dice allows players to view their statistics (which is history, showing the amount that was bet, what game odds were played, what the result was, and a link to the provably fair verification). Along with this, it also allows instant deposits and withdrawals (although withdrawals will be pended until a confirmation on the last deposit has occurred). This makes getting up and running with PoketDice easy, as well as keeping up with winnings and losses while playing over extended periods.


Pocket Dice is definitely going to be an interesting experiment to see how players react to a new type of game. With its free faucet for new accounts, fast withdrawals and deposits, and provably fair gaming methods, on top of the mobile client optimizations, things are looking great for it!

Bryan Burgett

Bryan Burgett

A recent addition to the BitcoinGG team, Bryan is an avid writer that deals with cryptocurrencies, constantly keeping up with the latest news and effects it has on the Bitcoin community as a whole. He has the art of creating attractive copies for online websites and is comfortable in simplifying even the most complex concepts involving Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies. Whether about online gambling, new brands in the market, or even the innovative technologies used and created by the digital currency, Bryan masterfully translates ideas to words, engaging readers—the uninitiated included—to explore and gain more knowledge about Bitcoin and its role in the online gaming industry.

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