Prediction Markets Take Aim At Bitcoin Prices

Wager On Bitcoin Prices

The end of May saw the sudden price surge of Bitcoin. When it started, Bitcoin prices were stable at around $450. Now, people can sell or buy Bitcoin for around $550 or more. This is a great time to be part of the Bitcoin experience and to have invested in bitcoins.

A lot of people are profiting right now or are planning to make a profit. Many people think that the surge will not be ending anytime soon and are buying up bitcoins to sell them later at a higher price. With the cryptocurrency trading for more than $500, investing in Bitcoin this way can be out of reach for a lot of people. There is an easier way to make a profit from the Bitcoin price rise and that is through the prediction markets.

Betting on price predictions

Prediction markets are a betting option that has people making wagers on future events. Depending on how the market is operated, people buy shares in a future event happening like with Predictious, or make a bet, which is how BetMoose works.


The results are the same, but how they function is different. For example, when buying shares, there is a set price and the shares are limited in number. When the event happens, share owners get back the purchase price along with a dividend. If it does not, the investment is lost. Regardless, the people can sell shares before the event happens, so as to not totally lose their money.

Betting with Betmoose, however, will not allow bettors this option. The advantage of betting is often the earnings are a lot bigger than when settling for shares and when there is no limit. The larger the players bet, the larger their part of the pool will be.

For those who want to wager on Bitcoin prices, the two most recent predictions on Betmoose and Predictious would be a good start. For Betmoose, there is an entry that states that Bitcoin will exceed $600 by the time August hits. The Predictious share option is more open-ended. As long as Bitcoin breaches $600 in 2016, then shareholders will get their dividends.

Right now, people can still participate in the Betmoose prediction, while the Predictious wager is open to those who will be able to buy shares, although no one is selling right now.

An eventful time for Bitcoin

These two wagers are not just the only events that people can bet on. Now is a tumultuous time for Bitcoin, with its approaching reward halving and other factors. People have set up several other Bitcoin price milestones to wager on. On Betmoose, the wagers are focused on Bitcoin managing to reach even higher prices. Some people are confident that it will hit $1,000 before the year ends.


Predictious has similar future shares for sale, but they are set to mature at a more reasonable price. For instance, some of the predictions have the Bitcoin price at $575 by the time June 15 rolls around. Similar wagers are included in the market.

The prediction market is an easy way to profit from the Bitcoin boom. People should try their hand at making predictions with this method and make the most of the opportunities to grow their bankroll by the day.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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