Pro Poker Player Sees Bitcoin to Bring Online Poker More Success

Bryan Micon Seals with Clubs Bitcoin Poker

Professional poker player and Seals with Clubs Affiliate Manager Bryan Micon sees Bitcoin to be the key in pushing online poker to become a worldwide success again, according to the audio interview published online.

Micon, who was a late addition to the team behind the Bitcoin-only poker site Seals with Clubs, believes that the digital currency is changing the game, calling it an “insanely complex idea” that can be intimidating at first.

“Yes, it’s scary, and it’s new, and the barrier to entry is understanding it,” he said during the Calvinayre interview, adding that most people fail to see the beauty of Bitcoin because they lack the effort to learn about the digital currency.

Nevertheless, online Bitcoin poker is enjoying an increasing attention not only from poker aficionados, but also among Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts in general. This can be credited to the continuously growing number of Bitcoin casinos and betting sites, along with Bitcoin poker rooms.

Such is Seals with Clubs, arguably the largest online poker site that exclusively accepts Bitcoin.

Micon emphasized the importance of credibility and security of Bitcoin poker sites to succeed in the online gambling industry, boasting the credentials Seals with Clubs is known for.

“One of our biggest distinctions is we are the oldest centralized Bitcoin site of any sort, gambling or not, that has not been hacked, and we also send every cash out within 12 hours, which is something totally different in the industry,” he said.

It is that fact—the ability to send withdrawals as quickly as possible—however, that makes Bitcoin poker gambling stand out from the traditional poker rooms operating online, pointed out Micon.

“We hope to do online poker totally right, and wholly with Bitcoin,” he added, and the only way for this endeavor to push through is for the community of online poker enthusiasts to completely accept Bitcoin’s role in the process.

Micon even shared a few tips for beginners, who wish to indulge in Bitcoin poker gambling, and stressed the ability to exchange fiat currencies for bitcoins through the Robocoin Bitcoin ATM stationed at The D Casino Hotel in downtown Las Vegas or via online Bitcoin exchanges like Coinbase and SecondMarket.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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