Provably Fair Gaming 101: Keeping Funds Secured From Cheaters

Provably Fair Gaming

When gambling in online casinos, one of the biggest things that cryptocurrencies have brought to the table is the invention of “provably fair gaming.” This includes systems that allow the players to easily verify the results of any games they play, ensuring that the sites are using random results and are not attempting to cheat their players. Some sites will take this a step further and even allow the players to alter a client seed, allowing the players to personally impact the results (although they still won’t be able to tell the results prior to the rolls).

Because cryptocurrencies are irreversible and are anonymous by nature, it makes sense to want to protect your funds. A big part of this is making sure you only take part in things where you know what the risk is and you can follow what is going on. Playing provably fair Bitcoin games in casinos helps cut out one of the biggest fears there are when gambling, as there is often the feeling that a casino is purposely changing their results to make sure they always come out ahead (and are cheating their players in the process). When verifying your own rolls, however, this is extremely easy to prove false and helps give peace of mind while gaming, since you know that the results truly are random and that the site had no way of knowing what they would be until after the roll has happened and been displayed.

For casinos, this is also extremely important. It increases player confidence in the sites, and therefore boosts the number of players that are going to gamble there and at the same time increases the amount of play (turnover) the site will experience on average. And since this is something that helps grant transparency, it shouldn’t affect any sites in a negative way.

Third Party Evaluators

Keep in mind that some Bitcoin casinos may not employ this type of provably fair system. In these cases (such as with brick and mortar casinos), they almost always have a third party regulator that ensures their systems are working as expected. While this doesn’t allow users to personally verify that everything is as it is, what it does do is help show that there is a regulatory group that is watching over them and the chances of them attempting to cheat their players is small. For maximum security, however, always go with casinos that are provably fair like DreamlandCasino, Bitcoin Video Casino, and others.


Though dealing with provably fair casinos is important, it is still important to evaluate them before gambling any money. While their games may be legitimate, some sites come and go, and therefore there is still a risk involved. Doing due diligence and looking at information available on our site will help better understand the sites, what they offer, and other things that should help you along your journey.

Bryan Burgett

Bryan Burgett

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