Raise the Alarm: SealsWithClubs Still Down After a Week


It has been well over a week since it went offline. Typically, players will be alarmed by now, realizing that their favorite Bitcoin poker site is still down. But this is not entirely the case. However, the question now is: should the nine-day hiatus start bothering SealsWithClubs’ customers?

The largest Bitcoin-only poker site first reported on its official Twitter account that it suffered from a technical problem—a hardware failure as they had put it—causing the website to seize operation.

It was even announced that the site would be back up within an estimated time of two hours. Several hours and days have already passed, but the Bitcoin poker players are still left waiting for the platform’s resurrection.

Is withdrawing funds synonymous to closure?

A series of tweets concerning the efforts to go online were posted, and these have somewhat eased the worries of the probable exit of perhaps one of the most trusted Bitcoin gambling sites. However, there are hardly any updates recently about its progress in coming back to the business.

SealsWithClubs was generous enough to offer its players the opportunity to cash out their funds. The fact that players may withdraw their remaining balance reflected Seals’ dedication to cater to the needs of its players. Unfortunately, this also rings a bell for some.

From the past experiences, bettors can vouch that a Bitcoin casino or any other crypto-powered betting site allowing its players to withdraw funds during a so-called maintenance break hints a temporary or permanent closure. This is usually the step made by some of the Bitcoin dice sites that bid the industry goodbye, with some being tagged as a mere fraud scheme.

Moreover, players may still experience a few hiccups when cashing out, and this was not concealed by the poker room. In fact, it advises its customers to contact them right away by sending an email if the withdrawal ‘takes longer than 24 hours.’

Wallets are not compromised

If there is one thing to be certain of, it would be the fact that the problem behind Seals’ mishap is a hardware failure and not hacked wallets. This is further strengthened by its ability to process withdrawals and provide its players with continuous access to their funds.

In addition, despite the lackluster performance of the Bitcoin price for the past several weeks, this has nothing to do with the more than the week-long absence of the poker site. However, this incident may still affect the perception the iGaming industry has on Bitcoin gambling and the digital currency per se.

How does this affect the Bitcoin poker market?

With SealsWithClubs registering almost a hundred players on the average, its break from the business would have already earned it a spot in the lower ranks or even an exclusion from such lists that monitor poker player traffic.

To make the matter worse for the Bitcoin poker market, a representative from PokerStars has already denied in recent reports any possible integration of Bitcoin payments to its system. Since last year, there were rumors that the largest online poker site in the world would become the latest fiat-run poker room to welcome cryptocurrency.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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