RollTheCoin Shines in Dogecoin Gambling, Plans to Accept More Altcoins


Those within the online cryptocurrency community who haven’t heard of Dogecoin gamble and betting must be living under a rock. Betting platforms that are exclusively designed for this altcoin or websites that also support it are on the rise as more bettors and operators alike are beginning to accept that there are other means to enjoy instant and anonymous gambling other than using Bitcoin.

Moreover, dice games, which became undeniably popular in Bitcoin gambling, have now found their way to Dogecoin-powered platforms like RollTheCoin. Launched this year, this Dogecoin dice site is already making a name for itself.

I managed to have a chat with one of its representatives to learn more about the dice betting site and its take on cryptocurrency betting and Dogecoin gambling.

RollTheCoin. What’s the story behind it?

Well, the idea behind RollTheCoin was conceived around January. What started as a small hobby project turned into much more with the growing demand of cryptocurrencies.

There is a growing demand, indeed; but what made you venture into the world of cryptocurrency, and even working with Dogecoin?

I think the possibilities for cryptocurrencies are endless. They do the same thing our traditional currencies do—just cheaper, faster, and more secure. As to Dogecoin and using it for gambling purposes, I think it’s great. It’s always been a hassle to get over to the real casinos. Why even bother if you can do it from the comfort of your own home with much better odds? I think the numbers speak for themselves.

With competition looming in, on what aspects does RollTheCoin beat the other Dogecoin dice sites?

Our site was created through a combination of open-source, private contracting, and in-house development. We are constantly making improvements and trying to find fun, new features to add. Also, it has an extremely low house edge at 0.98%. We even have real animated dice feedback for new players that might not know what’s going on, and we feature a highly customizable automatic betting bot for the seasoned players. More, our platform works in web and mobile browsers, and we have stats, chat, and with much more to come.

RollTheCoin is definitely packed. Are you faced with challenges in operating this business and brand, though?

Keeping up with the rising demand has been a constant challenge. Our initial design ran fine for 10 people, but once we started seeing much more, our systems came to a grinding halt. A great deal of effort has been put into just keeping things fully operational under growing strain. We also like to constantly add new features, but to add something to a site like ours, tons of testing have to be done to make sure things are secure and safe.

I’m interested in what else you can offer your players. Would you mind sharing them?

We hope to expand to more cryptocurrencies, and we’re looking at integrating new games to this website. Everyone should also look out for our investing feature and referral system, which are already on the way. Right now, we also consider hiring more employees.

Those are certainly worth waiting for, and thank you for this opportunity!



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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