Roundup: Americas Cardroom, & UltraPlay

Roundup: Americas Cardroom, & UltraPlay

Americas Cardroom Introduces Sit & Go 2.0

Americas Cardroom changes the long-time set-up of Sit & Go tourneys with its Sit & Go 2.0. Adding improvements and excitement to the almost two-decade-old Sit & Go format, the Bitcoin poker site is already generating some buzz from the online poker community. This new product will be available to both real-money and Bitcoin players, making it more attractive and accessible.

“The online cardroom has recently announced that it has been developing a new version of Sit & Go for some time now and is about to release it. Calling it Sit & Go 2.0, Americas Cardroom has some big plans for the tournament format. Slated for an initial release in mid-October for free play so everyone would get the hang of it, it will be followed by full tournaments in November. Sit & Go 2.0 is looking to be a big hit.”

Bitcoin Safekeeping: Top Bitcoin Wallets Compared

With the different Bitcoin wallets currently available, finding the right one suitable to everyone’s needs can be challenging. Granted that not all users have the same preferences, it is best to take note of the different features provided by the wallets. Prioritizing the features will help in choosing the which of the top Bitcoin wallets would be suitable.

“For Bitcoin users who want to protect their stash, it is important to select a good wallet. Different wallets have varying features and selecting the right one to fit a user’s needs is essential. For example, a Bitcoin gambler would need something different than a serious investor. Here is a quick comparison on the top five wallets in the market to help Bitcoin users in making their choice.” Sponsors Ethereum Devcon2 In Shanghai

Devcon2 is all set to take the center stage next week in Shanghai, and sponsoring the three-day event is The popular Ethereum dice game joins other companies in making Devcon2 a more successful event than the first one. More than this, looks to collaborate with Chinese investors.

“We’ve already received tremendous interest from China. So it makes sense for us to sponsor Devcon2. The China Ethereum community loves vDice and vDice loves Ethereum China.”

Where To Buy Bitcoin To Play Games Online?

There are many ways to buy bitcoins online now as compared to before. This makes it all the more important for players to know the fundamentals that comes with their chosen method of purchasing bitcoins.

“More patient users will prefer a bank transfer over credit cards. Using a payment card will result in quicker purchases, but comes at a higher fee. Coinbase and Circle offer smaller limits for users who have not verified their account just yet. Coinbase has a US$100 weekly limit, whereas Circle lets users buy up to US$300 every week. For one-time small purchases, these platforms may be more than sufficient.”

UltraPlay Forging On Deeper With Bitcoin eSports

UltraPlay finds recent success. Its sponsored eSports event—Game Evolution—proved to be a success, and the platform recently added competitive odds to more eSports games like Crossfire and Halo. These developments make UltraPlay a more relevant name in the eSports industry.

“We are delighted to present two new eSports headings in our portfolio. The long hours of analyzing both games have finally repaid and the fans of HALO and CrossFire should be eager to find out what we have created for them.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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