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Stricter Security Protocols

Bitcoin Gaming Pioneer Anonibet Improves Services

An improved betting experience is in store for Bitcoin players as Anonibet improves online gambling with the latest upgrade on its website. Boasting a user-friendlier interface marked the beginning of the pioneer’s plans of creating a dynamic and player-centric casino and sportsbook for Bitcoin players.

“Anonibet wants to stay in the lead of the pack when it comes to online gambling. This means not resting on their laurels. Anonibet patrons can expect more changes to how the site operates as Anonibet seeks to deliver the next level of Bitcoin gambling. Potential improvements can include more betting options and other additions to the game experience. Website changes and optimizations are also expected to happen to make a smoother customer experience.”

Coinroll To Correct Weak Security Protocols

Human error and technical glitches caused Coinroll to put its 4,610 user accounts at risk of losing bitcoins and information. After the Coinroll database leak was discovered, it appeared that the Ubuntu updated weakened the Bitcoin dice site’s firewall, and the simple error of forgetting to protect its MongoDB database with an admin password further aggravated the situation. This resulted in the temporary suspension of all deposits and withdrawals until the investigation is completed.

“The Coinroll database leak included the hashed passwords for every account on the list. They used the SHA256 cryptographic algorithm, but skipped the step of adding random data to the SHA256 hash. Opting to salt—the process of adding random data—the hashed password strings will ensure high difficulty, if not impossibility, in cracking them.” Sets Records In Bitcoin Gambling

One of the largest Bitcoin casinos today, showcased its prowess as it reached achievements that set it apart from the competition.  A turnover of over €50 million was recorded in December 2015, posting a 1,370-percent increase from 2014. There are other milestones that are worth taking note of.

“We are also very excited to be launching in June 2016 for the UEFA championships in France. Given the success we have had with, we are confident that it will become the premier sports betting destination for all Bitcoin players across all devices.”

Bitcoin: Daily Fantasy Sports’ Crucial Decision

Daily fantasy sports has a bright future, but strict regulations forbid its growth, just like the case with the status of FanDuel and DraftKings in the US. This, however, gives an opportunity for Bitcoin to take the spotlight as it features the right solutions the fantasy sports market can benefit from—a move that the online poker sector has successfully taken advantage of. Today, Bitcoin poker is gaining more popularity within the iGaming community, and more online poker rooms slowly integrate Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin fantasy sports sites give the market a shot in the arm. There are a lot of small Bitcoin gambling sites around and they have managed to survive quite well. This may be the same for fantasy sports sites, which gives people reasonable alternatives to the big players on the field. Take for instance the case of Bitcoin poker. Several poker sites accepting the cryptocurrency enjoy quite a sizeable following, especially with the series of poker tournaments on board.”

ShapeShift Returns With Strict Security Protocols

The ShapeShift security breach became an eye-opener for the ShapeShift team to improve its security system in order to avoid future hacking incidents, which may take a toll on its business and its users. is back online and is rebranded as ‘the safest, fastest asset exchange on Earth’ after integrating stricter security protocols.

“After the series of attacks made since the first hacking incident on March 14, went offline, and this led to the decision to completely restructure the online cryptocurrency converter. The revamp did not stop at giving the site a facelift, it even dug deeper into the core to add enhanced security protocols and methods.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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