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Breakout Gaming Takes Bigger Steps For 2016

Breakout Gaming continues moving down its development stage. With Breakout Poker and BreakoutPVP now open, the brand is well on its way to fulfilling its goals and promises as a gaming network operating with its own cryptocurrency.

“A website designed for pro-games and gaming enthusiasts, BreakoutPVP provides a new peer-to-peer platform for players to engage in the popular PC video game contests. It currently offers CounterStrike: Global Offensive for the registered players to compete in, while also highlighting different features like a straight up deathmatch and a freeroll tournament.”

How Ace Revenue Partner Casinos Can Accept Bitcoin

There are still a lot of casinos that do not accept Bitcoin. There are still ways to work around this problem so that Bitcoin users would be able to make wagers and place deposits on sites like the Ace Revenue partner casinos Planet 7 Casino and Captain Jack Casino. One of these ways is by using NETELLER, and the other is by using debit cards.

“The main difference is that NETELLER allows for it to be used by gambling sites. NETELLER can allow for Bitcoin use by acting as an automatic converter. Bitcoins sent to a NETELLER wallet can be used to make deposits at gaming sites that use it. Though not directly using Bitcoin, NETELLER’s processing is still faster than the normal bank transaction.”

Win 150 BTC In BetBaller’s New EPL Giveaway

BetBaller has been operating successfully for a few months now. In recognition of the upcoming English Premier League, the site has decided to offer a 150 BTC giveaway prize to anyone who would be able to guess the top 8 EPL standings on December 25.

“If the prediction is right, then the winning player will be 150 BTC richer. That is the equivalent of around €100,000—undeniably a large prize up for grabs. If multiple players win, they will share the 150 BTC prize. In the event that none of the entries match the correct standings, then BetBaller will give out a consolation prize of 15 BTC to the player who manages to get the closest match.”

Slot Attack! NetEnt Outs 3 New Online Slots

NetEnt, one of the world’s best gambling software developers, has come out with three new games these past two months. With innovative new mechanics and great audiovisual design, these games will be sure to be great hits.

“NetEnt’s When Pigs Fly slot is a great-looking five-reel video slot game with a unique set-up. Instead of the normal display, it uses a unique cross-shaped grid. Based around the idea of a pig going into space, the game uses colorful icons like pigs, wilds, helmets, spaceships and the main When Pigs Fly symbol. The game has the standard features of being able to adjust betting settings and the auto-play option.”

Major Shift Expected If William Hill Favors Merge

William Hill currently holds the top spot in the UK gambling industry. However, Rank Group and 888 Holdings have floated a possible merger offer to the company. This could be in response to the upcoming Ladbrokes-Gala Coral merger.

“William Hill is still a big fish, though. It is currently valued at around £2.7 billion and still holds a dominant part of the betting landscape. 888 Holdings and the Rank Group are valued at £1.7 billion, making their offer a surprising one since it is usually the larger company offering a merger. This actually happened last year as William Hill offered to acquire 888 Holdings for a £720 million. That fell through because the owners felt that the offer was too low.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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