Roundup: Chainroll, BetVIP Poker, and 14M BTC

BetVIP Poker Site

New Bitcoin Dice Chainroll Moves Off-Chain

Chainroll debuted in the Bitcoin gambling space as an on-chain dice game, but it quickly switched to off-chain betting after problems both on the player and operator’s sides emerged. According to its developers, changing its system has proven to be a smart move, especially now that its players seem to have approved of this modification. Chainroll’s appeal on the market further intensifies with its features and incentives.

“Enveloped within its visually gratifying platform is its user-friendly dice game, which is another factor behind the dice site’s appeal. This Bitcoin dice is not the typical Roll Hi, Roll Lo setup, though, but it is one of the online dice solutions that have quickly become the latest trend in this niche. According to the bettors, they are mostly satisfied with the game, especially with its one-percent house edge.”

Constructive Criticisms to Improve BetVIP Poker Site

Launching a new betting platform is not an easy task, especially when that site bears the name of a Bitcoin sports betting platform that carries a good reputation in the industry. Venturing into the Bitcoin poker scene, BetVIP is looking to excel in this field too. The BetVIP Poker site needs to improve on certain areas, however, as players pointed out glitches and errors in its software.

“A player complained about the bugs when depositing in the Mac software while another user pointed out the glitch that would kick him out of the table every time a new player would sit in. These kinds of errors have and are being corrected by the development team already, according to the official responses to these inquiries. On another note, a player even accused the site of having its software affected with Trojan malware while others raised concerns over difficulties in installing either of the Mac or Windows app.”

With 14M BTC Mined, Year 2015 Perfect for Buying BTC

More than 13 million bitcoins have already been mined, and this year may see the mining of the 14 millionth Bitcoin. While some new users are not too focusing on this landmark, serious bitcoiners consider this as the beginning of a turning point on the Bitcoin market. On a larger note, what happen when all 21 million bitcoins have already been issued?

“Once all 21 million bitcoins are released on the market, the demand will remain. However, with high demand and little supply, the price of the digital currency will soar, making it quite challenging for the late adopters to acquire more coins. The same scenario can even happen before the limit is reached, and this is likely when the people realize that the issuance of coins is about to be over. Clearly, these situations are bound to happen in the years to come, but a 14-million mark should not be taken too lightly.”

Bitcoin Fortune Eyes Growth in Online Gambling Industry

Bitcoin Fortune is a simple and provably fair lottery game online. It features attractive deals like the free satoshis and referral pays. With the lottery market gaining ground in the Bitcoin gambling industry, this website is looking forward to become one of the top lottery sites. Our CoinPoint correspondent managed to speak with its developer, who believes Bitcoin use demands responsible behavior.

“Laws about crypto are useless. Bitcoin is the freedom and no one can control your wallet. With the democratization of web industry and Bitcoin technologies, everything is possible.  The only rule is to behave responsibly.”



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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