Roundup: Clickjacking, Investments & Bitcoin Core

Accessibility Clickjacking

Clickjacking Puts Bitcoin Wallets Under Threat

Accessibility clickjacking is the latest threat to mobile users. The Android devices exposed to high risks of falling prey to this threat are those still running on Android OS versions 2.2 Froyo until 4.4 KitKat. Upgrading to the latest firmware gives immunity against this threat, but it is uncertain when the population of almost 500 million users, some of whom are mobile Bitcoin wallet users, will replace their mobile device for a strengthened Bitcoin wallet security.

“Clickjacking exploits a feature in HTML pages that allows them to be placed over another interface transparently. This means that if a user clicks on a button on a page, they also click on the page beneath it. Hackers then make a program that puts the overlay over the accessibility services menu. The user then inadvertently gives access to the hacker so that they can access the mobile phone as they click on the cover interface.”

Bitcoin Investments: What People Need To Know

Embracing Bitcoin is gradually becoming more of a necessity than a fad. With multinational companies adopting Bitcoin payments and financial institutions utilizing the blockchain technology, investing in Bitcoin seems to be the next best step. Whether indulging in Bitcoin investments via forex and binary options trading or by simply using it as the premium alternative payment method, it is important to know the key points.

“The main factor that will contribute to Bitcoin investment success is research. Bitcoin is still young and it presents a lot of opportunities to savvy investors. Their aim should be to understand the market and to make investments that will make customers sit up and pay attention.”

Bitcoin Core Proposal Directly Hits Businesses

Businesses that have added Bitcoin to their payment system will experience the effects of the changes implemented by Bitcoin Core. With major names in the industry jumping ship to Bitcoin Classic, it becomes clear how entrepreneurs view the debate whether to push for Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Classic as one in favor of the latter.

“Based on the current number of active nodes on the network, less than 70 percent of them are running Bitcoin Core software, as a significant amount of people have switched over to Bitcoin Classic. However, the latter one will need to reach a 75-percent network majority consensus before activating, and there is still a very long way to go.”

Pokémon Gives Bitcoin Renewed Purpose In Games

The online gaming community continues to revolutionize this platform as a Rapid Web developer created his own version of Twitch Plays Pokémon—one that uses Bitcoin donations to send chat commands. This marks another case of Bitcoin integration into games, which is a trend that is becoming popular in the iGaming field.

“Playing a game collectively has been done before but the integration of Bitcoin is a unique twist. Adding a barrier of entry can ensure that spam commands could be avoided, a problem that plagued the normal Twitch Plays games. Furthermore, the fact that the proceeds will be donated to charity is a good incentive to play.”

How Delayed Transactions Mar ‘Bitcoin Success’

The need for a renewed Bitcoin system proved to be timely as the Bitcoin network suffered from delayed transactions a few days back. The increasing number of Bitcoin transactions placed daily reflects the necessary upgrades and changes on Bitcoin’s network.

“With Bitcoin’s increasing popularity, the limit would inevitably be reached. At its worst, this week’s transaction congestion reached a staggering 20,000 transactions waiting to be processed. Many in the Bitcoin development community have been lobbying for a larger block size to increase capacity but the issue is still up in the air.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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