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NetEnt in Bitcoin Casinos

Gaming Currency HYPER Boosts eSports’ Appeal

Exclusively designed for online gaming, in-game currency HYPER continues to be of premium use for online gamers who wish to play for cryptocurrency rewards. It has established a network of game servers that feature this generation’s top games on the market. It even functions side-by-side Bitcoin in further promoting this niche that is slowing earning a spot on the center stage. Gamers who wish to expand their options in online cryptocurrency gaming can make the most of the HYPER and Bitcoin eSports.

“In line with the popularity of online games, MMOs, and virtual worlds among others, Bitcoin eSports is also one to look out for. Unlike with HYPER where a gamer can earn and win the coins by playing the selected games on its servers, Bitcoin enables both gamers and bettors to maximize the action, excitement, and rewards in store for them through a variety of websites.”

Provably Fair Games Popularize Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin and real-money online gambling both function as venues that provide entertainment and chances to win. However, Bitcoin betting beats the other not just in terms of payment convenience but also when it comes to ensuring fair game results. Provably fair gaming is unique to cryptocurrency betting, and this is the reason more players choose to wager Bitcoin instead. This feature enables anyone to verify the results, and this process does not even involve complicated steps, especially with the Bitcoin casino software provider SoftSwiss.

“The technology on which Bitcoin and altcoins are based paved the way for players to verify every game result, thereby making provably fair Bitcoin games one of the winning features that set this kind of betting a true standout in today’s industry. With provable fairness ensuring that both the casino operators and the players cannot manipulate the games in any way, betting with Bitcoin and other cryptocoins has become a popular alternative to real-money gambling.”

What Awaits Bitcoin Gambling Under US State Laws?

While the US gov’t still views Bitcoin as a mere property and not any form of money or currency, certain states are seeing proposed bills to regulate Bitcoin. Other than the infamous BitLicense of New York, states like California, New Jersey, and North Carolina have expressed interests in addressing the growing Bitcoin trend. With movements to establish a legal framework for digital currency use and businesses, it becomes a question as to what will happen to the Bitcoin gambling industry.

“Online betting enthusiasts may find comfort within this niche, but the long-term effects of such regulations and policies on Bitcoin gambling are yet to be determined. With Bitcoin considered as property—not money—across the country, will US state laws make the access of local players to offshore Bitcoin casino and other gambling sites more complicated?”

NetEnt Slots Inch Closer to Bitcoin Players

The years of expertise and experience of Net Entertainment gives it an edge in the iGaming industry, but this world-renowned online casino software provider is also determined to take the Bitcoin market by storm. After its slots became available on, they have now joined the other high-quality games on Bitstarz, marking the start of more interaction between players and NetEnt in Bitcoin casinos. More developments can be expected from the Swedish company in the next months to come. In fact, NetEnt and SoftSwiss may soon work together.

“Popularly known as NetEnt, this world-renowned game provider has been in the business for almost two decades, which is evident with the sophistication and expertise present in the digital products that have found their newest homes propelled by digital currencies. Boasting high-quality products, this premium company remains a valued player over time as more real-money and Bitcoin casinos choose to feature its online gaming solutions for various markets.”

Bitfinex Hack Teaches Security, Preparedness

Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange succumbed to the hands of its hackers who successfully accessed the funds stored in its hot wallet. Losing 0.5% of its total funds, Bitfinex now assures its clients that its security is stronger than before, after temporarily disabling deposit transactions. The latest hacking incident once again proved that even online exchanges must always fortify their security. Thus, Bitcoin casinos should learn from these cases in order to protect themselves and their players from another Bitcoin security mishap.

“With the increasing growth of the Bitcoin gambling industry, creating a safe, hack-proof gaming environment is only necessary in order to contribute to a problem-free experience also mastered within the Bitcoin exchange sector.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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