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Switch To SoftSwiss

mBit Casino Makes Big Shift To SoftSwiss

mBit Casino surprised everyone with its platform switch to SoftSwiss after its partnership with As one of the leading Bitcoin casinos around, this has caught everyone’s attention since jumping ship to a better software provider that meets the casino’s plans is a major change. mBit Casino’s VIP Player Manager, Linda Murphy, shared the details with BitcoinGG about the latest with mBit Casino and SoftSwiss.

“Softswiss is the most solidified infrastructure for online gaming in our eyes. What is important for our brand is to be able to mold our environment to our player’s needs, and Softswiss is able to do just that. Softswiss has started out as an IT company rather than a gaming company figuring out the IT side, which in this case means that their skillset supplements ours in unprecedented ways. The fruits of this synergy will become clear to our players as we go forward, and that is very exciting to us.”

XIN Gaming Adds New Games For Asian Region

A leading Asian developer of slot games, XIN Gaming expands and continues its push to become bigger in the market with the release four new games. This is supposed to be the beginning of a 20-game expansion planned for this year.

“High Roller and Sky Guardians are the latest slot games featured by XIN Gaming. The High Roller slot, which has five reels and 20 pay lines, features attractive models that represent the high-paying symbols, along with a fun bonus game. The Sky Guardians slot, on the other hand, is a fantasy-themed online slot game with five reels, 25 pay lines, free spins, and a Power Win bonus mode.”

Why Land-Based Casinos Should Bring In Bitcoin

Land-based casinos are starting to play catch up to online casinos as Bitcoin and other factors drive larger parts of the market online. This has led to many efforts to adapt to the new marketplace, either by instituting redesigns or having Bitcoin in land casinos.

“As the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” This is why offline casinos are changing and adapting to the new marketplace. This can be seen in the redesign that many casinos have gone through. The popular image of a casino is an adult place filled with older people who are out to have some straight gambling fun. The need to open up and claim a bigger share of the gambling pie has changed the look of the modern casino.”

Responsible Bitcoin Gambling Still A Priority

Gaming is a great pastime, but a lot of people take it too far. Gambling addiction is a serious problem for many people. The best way to deal with it is to prevent it from worsening. An ounce of prevention is more effective than a pound of cure, as the saying goes, and gamblers need to be aware of the warning signs before addiction becomes bad. This calls for knowledge of responsible Bitcoin gambling.

“The best way to deal with Bitcoin gambling addiction would be to head it off before it even starts. For many people, this means cutting off gambling totally, but it does not need to go that far. Gambling needs to be recognized as a leisure activity like any other.  To ensure gambling does not harm anyone, it is best to be treated as a part of a balanced lifestyle with the emphasis on responsible Bitcoin gambling.”

How to Avoid Dodgy Online Casinos That Use Bitcoin

There are a lot of online casinos out there. The problem is that not all of them are legitimate Bitcoin casinos. For online gamblers to avoid losing their money to scam sites, it would be best to know a few warning signs that should be heeded.

“One of the first things players should look out for is the proliferation of typos. If the casino’s managers are not native English speakers, a typo or two can be excused. The trouble is if everything is riddled with grammatical mistakes and misspelled words. It is either because the operators do not care or they did not have professional website designers handle site creation, either from lack of funds or the desire for speed. This puts the future of a Bitcoin gambling site in doubt.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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