Roundup: NiceHash, Mayweather Odds & Enterra

Mayweather Odds

NiceHash Blockchain Lottery Rewards 25 BTC

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency miners on NiceHash can win 25 BTC when they become one of the fortunate winners of the platform’s blockchain lottery giveaway. Lottery tickets can be purchased on the website to increase the chances of winning the prize, but miners can also be directed to the solo.nicehash mining stratum servers to become part of the promotion. Offering a game similar to Bitcoin lottery but one that is safer and more secure, NiceHash aims to expose the perks of Bitcoin solo mining to a wider market.

“There are approximately 144 Bitcoin blocks found each 24 hours, totaling approximately 3600 Bitcoins per day. With each ticket you can enter the game to win one Bitcoin block, totaling 25 BTC.”

BTC Bets on Mayweather Odds Win High Payouts

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the better boxer as he defeated Manny Pacquaio in what was dubbed as the fight of the century. Sports bettors who placed their money on the Pretty Boy ended up with winnings added to their bankroll. With the Bitcoin sports betting sites like Nitrogen Sports, Betcoin Sports, and even Cloudbet favoring the American boxer, the avid gamblers and sports fanatics already have an idea how the much-awaited bout would end, just based on the Mayweather odds.

“The popular and trusted sportsbooks like Nitrogen Sports and Betcoin Sports set their odds for Pac Man at 2.92 and 2.81, respectively, while favoring Mayweather with odds of 1.47 and 1.46. Nitrogen Sports posted what could be the highest odds for Pacquiao, but JetWin led the group with its 1.55 odds for Mayweather, giving online bettors more reasons to place their BTC bets on its platform instead.”

Bitcoin Poker Sites Get Upgraded Enterra Software

Enterra improved their online poker software with the release of version 2.2. The turnkey online poker platform now features the option to make a straddle, to access anonymous tables, and to experience better gameplay with the help of the bug fixes. These updates will also be available for its Bitcoin poker arm, providing Bitcoin websites using its solutions to enjoy upgraded and secure poker betting online. With the software upgrades, more updates like the HTML5 games will soon be released.

“Initially catering to real-money clients and poker rooms, Enterra made a bold move when it launched a Bitcoin poker network in April last year. The package included a poker room, up to 12 poker game types, different limits, and tournaments. Likewise, with the native mobile application being groomed for a release in the next weeks, Bitcoin poker players can expect their favorite poker sites running on Enterra to provide HTML5 games for iOS, Android, and Windows phones.”

New AlphaPoint Features Strengthen BTC Exchanges

The software provider for Bitcoin exchanges continue to make a name on the market with its series of industry moves like engaging in partnerships, powering the leading Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex, and providing solutions that help improve the setting up and maintenance of online exchanges. These developments may also open opportunities to venture into a different sector like the Bitcoin gambling industry.

“Looking at other possible ventures, AlphaPoint may find an opportunity to expand their services by tapping the Bitcoin casino market. Other than simply featuring online casino games, Bitcoin casinos and other gambling sites may integrate the technology provided by AlphaPoint and provide a simple but secure in-house or partner exchange for the convenience of the players.”

CoinMama Ideal Place for Players to Buy BTC From

CoinMama provides bitcoiners and online casino players with an alternative means for to buy BTC. Supporting a selection of conventional payment methods like credit and debit cards, e-Wallets, and cash, this platform may fully aid the Bitcoin casino market by continuing to offer quick and convenient ways to purchase the digital currency, thereby enabling bettors to easily add funds to their bankroll.

“Following the footsteps of the mentioned online payment gateways, CoinMama can further boost its function in the business and continue to provide Bitcoin casino players across the world with easier and friendlier methods lacking in Bitcoin exchanges.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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