Roundup: Pariplay, NetBet & Oshi Bitcoin Casino

Roundup: Pariplay, NetBet & Oshi Bitcoin Casino

Pariplay Launches New Atari Star Raiders Slot

Lovers of nostalgia will appreciate Pariplay’s newest offering. Atari Star Raiders slot takes back players to 1979 with Atari’s first video game. The slot game delivers an excellent gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more.

“The latest slot game from the partnership of Pariplay and Atari pays homage to the popular video arcade combat simulator game first released by Atari in 1979. With the new online slot game, players who spent their childhood playing the video game can relive the good old days with the new twists added by Pariplay’s team of expert developers.”

Ethereum Hardfork Spells Trouble To Gambling Sites

Ethereum, despite its innovative rise, is having problems. To deal with them, the design team plans for a hard fork to update the network’s code. However, the changes also cause problems since they create new networks and tokens to accept. It will be some time before the Ethereum scene calms down and it may affect transactions.

“Addressing these concerns will require some major code changes at the protocol level. However, it seems the developers want to issue two separate hard forks. The first of which will go into effect at network block 2463000, and is designed to mitigate transaction spam attacks. However, that is not the only change that will be coming to Ethereum in the coming months.”

Endorphina Goes Sexy With Twerk Slot Release

Leading game develop Endorphina has just released a slot game based around twerking. The focus maybe on the graphics, but the Twerk slot features a fun gameplay that proves that it is more than just an eye candy.

“The first element that people will notice when it comes to the Twerk slot game is that the game looks great. Endorphina has proven its chops when it comes to great graphics. All of its games show off great art. For the Twerk slot, Endorphina’s artists have hand-drawn most of the elements starting from the background to the individual girls. The game features six individual girls, each presented as one of the game’s winning symbols.” Raises The Alarm Over Double Spend Attack

Bitcoin casino recently hit a rough patch when it revealed that it has been a victim of a double-spend attack. In response to a player’s complaints, company CEO Nick Garner revealed that the player was suspected of trying to cheat the casino.

“They call it the double spend attack, and—as Nick Garner, CEO and founder of, had revealed—it involves players successfully spending their bankroll more than once. He disclosed that Bitcoin casinos that allow their players to withdraw funds right after winning even without a network confirmation are the usual targets of this new scam.”

NetBet Makes Waves as First UK-Licensed Casino to Accept Bitcoin

NetBet has partnered with BitPay to open its doors to Bitcoin deposits. Though the option is only for deposits and not withdrawals, it is still a step in the right direction. Hopefully, other UK-licensed casino would follow in NetBet’s example.

“NetBet is an excellent ambassador for the Bitcoin brand. Though it is not one of the really big names in the UK market, it does have a respectable share and the wish to expand could be one of the reasons behind the move., a Bitcoin-focused competitor in the European market, managed to impress a lot of people with its successful first month in July. Bitcoin acceptance can be a great boost to NetBet’s revenues.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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