Roundup: Powerball, Augmentors & Jurassic World

Roundup: Powerball, Augmentors & Jurassic World

How to Win Powerball Lottery Jackpot Using Bitcoin

The Powerball lottery jackpot reached $255 million on Feb. 8. Bitcoin players had their chance to take their shot at winning the jackpot by visiting Bitcoin gambling sites that sell Powerball lottery tickets.

“The Powerball Lotto is popular due to its massive prize pools. The default prize of each Powerball is $40 million. This makes it one of the biggest default jackpots in the world. Last year, a Pennsylvania couple took home the jackpot prize of $121.6 million on Dec. 17. The biggest prize from last year was $1.58 billion. Three winners from California, Florida, and Tennessee split the prize among each other.”

Augmentors ICO Gives Premium Characters & DTB

The team behind the blockchain-powered Augmentors opens its ICO to help bring funding to the development of the game. Anyone can exchange his Bitcoin with any of the packages on the site for the Augmentors ICO. A package will give a backer one Augmentor token and DataBits. DataBits is the cryptocurrency for buying in-game assets.

“The ICO’s funding goal is $1 million, which can help to fully develop the game. Even if the ICO misses its funding goal, the team will allocate all funds to the development of the alpha version of the Augmentors. The alpha version will be available in April at the Google Play Store. The full version of the game will be available for both iOS and Android devices. “

How to Deposit & Cash out Bitcoin in Fiat Casinos

Some fiat casinos are including Bitcoin payment to its website. Not all fiat casinos have the same way of handling the digital currency.

“In order to withdraw Bitcoin from a Drake Casino account, however, players need to contact the casino’s support team. Bitcoin withdrawal is not available for players who made a deposit with a credit card or bank transfer. Those who made a deposit with Bitcoin, on the other hand, are eligible for Bitcoin withdrawals. It is also possible for players to withdraw their Bitcoin winnings to the BitPay Visa card. BitPay is a Bitcoin payment service provider that also provides a physical prepaid Visa Bitcoin card.”

Microgaming’s Jurassic World Slot Opens in Summer

Microgaming will release the sequel to its Jurassic park slots this summer. The Jurassic World slot will have superior graphics and gameplay as its predecessor.

“Microgaming’s Jurassic World slot will see a summer release this year. Just like the company’s other successful branded slots, the Jurassic World game will contain art and sound references to the film. The slot will also utilize a number of innovative mechanics and bonus features. Basically, Jurassic World has the primordial ingredients of an amazing slot game. “

How Can Affiliates Take Advantage?

Affiliates can benefit from accepting Bitcoin payment. However, Bitcoin affiliate marketing is still in its early stages. The lack of reports and deep links are two signs of why this market still needs time to grow.

“Despite this recent development, Bitcoin gambling affiliate marketing in still takes the back seat. This is evident in some affiliate programs and platforms not having deep links and decent reports. There is also a significant lack of advanced marketing tools, as well as state-of-the-art tracking system.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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