Roundup: UK Gambling Commission, MrDice & FanDuel

UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)

UK Gambling Commission Recognizes Bitcoin

Online casinos licensed by UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) are now permitted by the regulator to deal transactions involving digital currencies like Bitcoin. UKGC included in its latest LCCP, specifically in Section 5.1, that licensees must have policies and procedures regarding the use of digital currencies. Although UKGC did not write Bitcoin, its mention of digital currencies further broadened it beyond Bitcoin.

“Now that UKGC recognizes digital currencies, Bitcoin has managed to find another high-profile supporter. Only one other license commission, Curacao, has allowed for digital currencies to be accepted by its license holders. The Isle of Man and Malta Gaming Commission are rumored to be considering taking similar steps in the future. The increased exposure and acceptance can only do wonders for Bitcoin’s integration into the mainstream.”

Real Madrid At Better Odds To Win Super Cup

Two Spanish football clubs are competing in a one-match event sponsored by UEFA. The 2016 UEFA Super Cup is set on Aug. 9 and will see Real Madrid and Sevilla outplay each other. This event will take place in Lerkendal Stadion in Norway. Bitcoin sportsbooks greatly favor Real Madrid over Sevilla, but players will get a huge payoff when they bet on Sevilla and this team wins.

“Looking over the UEFA Super Cup 2016 odds, BetBaller feels Real Madrid will be the winner. The team is favored at 1.75 odds, compared to 4.20 for Sevilla. Do keep in mind it is possible this game will end in a draw, which could yield a 355% return of one’s Bitcoin deposit. More advances bettors can play around with handicap and total goals odds as well.”

Meet A New Name In Bitcoin Dice Betting

A provably fair Bitcoin dice game with a 1.9 house edge is open to all Bitcoin players. It features a Bitcoin faucet that gives out 1,000 satoshis every 30 minutes and features a referral program that pays members when the referrals meet the  requirements. will soon become available in an Android and iOS app.

“The developers of are not resting on their laurels, though. They are aware that being at the top of the online gambling market means constant change and adaptation. This is why they continue to add more features and hope to keep their customers happy. One of the big updates they have planned is to release an Android and iOS app for MrDice. This will allow players to easily play the site from the convenience of their phone.”

Will Usain Bolt Beat His 100m Record In Rio?

One of the most awaited events in Rio 2016 Olympics is the 100m race for both men and women. The men’s race is more exciting, though, as Usain Bolt—the fastest man in the world—tries to get another gold. He is challenged by USA’s Justin Gatlin, though.

“He finished the 100-meter dash in just 9.69 seconds, while he completed the 200-meter race in just 19.30 seconds. If that was not enough, he managed to repeat the feat in the next Olympics, breaking his own record. As the clear favorite, a lot of sportsbook are releasing odds for the race. has put Usain Bolt’s odds for winning this race at a solid 1.50.”

FanDuel Rebranding Marks Improvements & Expansion

FanDuel opted to have a facelift as a way to start anew. This daily fantasy sports operator also developed a FanDuel Bill of Rights and announced a Friends Mode option. The FanDuel rebranding is also timely as the site opens in the UK.

“The company has also taken further steps into making its revenue stream wider. One is its formal entry into the UK market. DFS has mostly been a US phenomenon but FanDuel is hoping to spread it to other shores and it hopes the redesign helps in getting more players.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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