SoftSwiss Launches Redesigned Loading Screen

SoftSwiss Launches Redesigned Loading Screen

SoftSwiss successfully made a name in Bitcoin gambling. This software provider rose to be a leader by developing software platforms and game content. SoftSwiss, however, continues to stretch its creativity and expertise to improve its range of products.

Optimizing speed for loading pages of the casinos on its platform proved to be a primary concern for SoftSwiss. The Austria-based company pushed further to ensure that a Bitcoin casino will load quickly, along with its games and other pages.

Other than improving the power of its platform, SoftSwiss added an extra touch to further guarantee excellent players experience all throughout.

Old SoftSwiss Loading Screen

Bitcoin casinos get redesigned loading screen

Bitcoin casinos that run on the SoftSwiss platform include the likes of BitStarz Casino. BitStarz is one of the leading names in the Bitcoin casino market for its complete services and top-quality gambling support and environment. However, there may be instances that the casino pages would load slower than expected.

Slow loading times are not entirely the fault of SoftSwiss as the player’s Internet speed can also be a factor. Despite this, SoftSwiss upgraded the loading screen for all its hosted Bitcoin casinos. Before, a Bitcoin casino would show dots moving in a circular motion, paired with a text informing players that the website loads slower than the usual.

While there is not exactly anything wrong with this loading screen, SoftSwiss still thought it would be better to improve the loading screen and make it more visually pleasing. The redesigned loading screen no longer shows the moving dots and the text, which are currently present at Passion Bet, one of the latest Bitcoin casinos running on SoftSwiss. Instead, the loading screen shows the logo of the Bitcoin casino.

SoftSwiss added more effects that made the loading screen make up for the loading time of the Bitcoin casino. This upgrade may seem to be focused on the visuals only, but it does have an effect on the overall gaming experience provided by the Bitcoin casinos.

New loading screen affects player experience

The new redesigned loading screen by SoftSwiss offers more than just a visual upgrade. For one, the loading screen sends a positive message by simply showing the logo highlighted by design and animation. The moving dots and the message instantly give the impression that the Bitcoin casino has not yet been fully optimized or that it does not have the latest technology to function on par with the top Bitcoin casinos.

Redesigned Loading Screen

Focusing on the loading screens, Passion Bet, for example, would appear novice because of the old loading screen as compared to the BitStarz, which already has the improved version. This is the reason Bitcoin casinos should ensure that they have the latest features delivered by SoftSwiss.

Passion Bet provides above decent Bitcoin gambling services, but the brand may expect an increase in player traffic with the latest SoftSwiss products on board. This includes the redesigned loading screen.

The newest product upgrade from SoftSwiss ensures that players will have quality-time while playing at SoftSwiss casinos with huge bonuses from now on.


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