Takara Lets Users Pick Up Digital Tokens Anywhere


People all over the world have gone crazy over Pokémon Go. Its combination of Pokémon gameplay with its real-world integration has created a fun experience for many people.

The technology behind it is not new, but the implementation itself has set itself apart from the past attempts. With its popularity, other developers are seeing the potential for the use of geocaching. This is the reason behind MandelDuck’s latest offering for iOS: Takara.

Takara, named after the Japanese word for treasure, is essentially scavenger hunting taken to the 20th century. The minds behind the popular SaruTobi app game have managed to create an impressive product that will be sure to resonate well with a lot of people.

How it works

The basic idea behind Takara is similar to Pokémon Go. Users use the app’s map to interact with their location, usually by locating and picking up the various “treasures” lying around. For example, when users open up the app, they get displayed a map of the local area and the locations of nearby tokens. They will also see where they are in relation to the tokens. The main purpose of the app is for users to go to token locations so that they can pick them up.

Takara Geocaching

The biggest difference that Takara has over Pokémon Go is that it also allows users to set up their own drops. Unlike Pokémon Go, where the Pokémon are randomly placed, Takara has given users the ability to drop tokens where they are.

Generous players can drop wherever they go and business owners can promote their shops by luring in users with the promise of tokens. The main reason players would seek these tokens is that they are usually in the form of Bitcoin. Mandelduck has also recently integrated Counterparty tokens into the app so that another form of currency is available. When players pick up these tokens, they can immediately add them to their wallet and use them for purchases.

It sounds like it can be abused, but Mandelduck has taken great steps to ensure that the app is secure. For example, in the past, people beat geocaching apps by spoofing their location. This meant that they could be anywhere in the world and it would register to the app that they were somewhere they were not. This would have allowed people to pick up tokens no matter how far away they were.

Takara has a simple anti-spoofing measure: droppers can add personal questions that can only be answered at the location. This may be something like what color is the wall there or how many windows a person can see, but they ensure that players honestly earn their tokens.

Making Bitcoin well-known

Takara was mainly designed to promote Bitcoin and its usage. The allure of free bitcoins is always useful, but it also encourages mainstream people to learn more about what they can use it for. This app will hopefully increase Bitcoin’s profile as people get exposed to it and the fun that it can deliver.


Using fun games, apps, and other interesting methods to promote Bitcoin is an effective strategy, which is widely practiced in certain sectors like the Bitcoin gaming niche.

Online games, mobile apps, or casino games continue to be perfect tools for new individuals to understand better how Bitcoin works in real life. With Takara taking this strategy to the next level, the outcome cannot be any more exciting.

It may not create a worldwide craze like what Pokémon GO did, but hunting for Bitcoin and Counterparty tokens definitely worth more.


Aerol B.

Aerol B. is a professional writer with a strong grasp of the online gambling world. Finding his way through Bitcoin, he sees value in the thriving sector of Bitcoin gambling and fancies the excitement in the duo of online sports betting and Bitcoin.

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