‘Take My Bitcoins!’ Educates the Public, Rewards Bitcoins

Take My Bitcoins!

How does winning bitcoins in a live online game show sound?

This is the newest enjoyable way people can get their hands on this virtual currency that is increasingly becoming popular by the day. Aside from fully indulging in the lucrative world of Bitcoin gambling, the latest online hit game show, ‘Take My Bitcoins!’, is setting an innovative approach to providing fun and entertainment while bringing Bitcoin closer to the general public.

‘Take My Bitcoins!’ is a game show that is broadcast live on the web every Thursday night. Its concept employs the 1970s feel of ‘Price Is Right’ and ‘Let’s Make A Deal’, and the show is directed not only at Bitcoin users, but more specifically to the average people all over the world who are unaware of what this digital currency is.

“We are working with a global audience, and people’s Internet runs at different speeds,” said Mike Rotman of Streamin’ Garage. “It’s a live show, similar to a radio game, so we call them and connect with them live.”

Masterminded by Rotman, together with Jeff Ownby of Butterfly Labs, this Bitcoin game show rewards its winners with free bitcoins until the Bitcoin wallet of the show is literally empty. Viewers can join even without paying any fee and have the chance to win bitcoins by participating in the live chat room during the broadcast, where they will be asked questions about the currency and the protocol.

Moreover, social-media games like #TakeMyMeme and ‘Guess How Much We Mine!’ enable players to win, with some participants even calling from as far as Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Japan.

This form of online Bitcoin gaming and education takes advantage of the ability the current technology provides—to stream high-definition video feeds online worldwide—and demonstrates the leap from the traditional approach of delivering opportunities to enjoy and win in an online casino.

“It is a lot of work,” Rotman said. “From the production side, we are using a NewTek Tricaster 860, we built an entire set for the show, we have lighting, a 5-camera HD studio, and we employ 8 crew people.”

While this is already setting a new stage for promoting Bitcoin to the masses, this method is also evident in the new live casinos launched in the Bitcoin online gambling industry. There is currently a trend that involves Bitcoin betting sites featuring new live dealers casinos, which boast state-of-the-art, realistic ways for casino enthusiasts to enjoy betting with bitcoins.

With the clear shift toward live webcasting, there is a huge potential for more people, including those void of knowledge of Bitcoin, to explore its benefits and offerings while having fun and winning at their end, just like what ‘Take My Bitcoins!’ does.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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