This Week’s Hottest:, $300-$400 Bitcoin Price, and Bryan Micon

Bitcoin Gambling Up for a Big Reveal by End of 2014

With a few more weeks left before the year ends, aims to launch its new surprises before it turns a year old in the business.

“Our list of games is always increasing, and we will be updating our platform at the end of 2014 to further improve our casino experience across all devices. We also plan to give away a lot more free cash, just like our 200 mBTC giveaway that ended on October 1st.”

Is the $300-$400 Bitcoin Price Range Good or Bad for Online Bettors?

The Bitcoin price was a rollercoaster ride this week as it blasted through the $400 mark but is slowly returning to its seemingly stable value at $350. Bryan Burgett talked about the impact price fluctuations have on Bitcoin gambling and the players.

“All of this leads to the question: is the $300-$400 range good for Bitcoin gambling? This is a hard thing to answer. For those that want to play in smaller stakes, the lower Bitcoin prices are better. For those that want to increase their Bitcoin holdings and don’t care as much about the price right now, it’s irrelevant. And for those that want to play at higher stakes, the prices usually don’t matter since most casinos allow for playing with high stakes regardless.”

Anyone Can Create an Online Gambling Game with Bitcoin, says Seals with Clubs Chairman

Bryan Micon bravely answered Amanda Johnson’s questions for an exclusive interview with the chairman of largest Bitcoin poker room, Seals with Clubs.

“I think the ability for anyone on the Internet to create a gambling game and instantly turn it on for Bitcoin makes for an exciting time. This is truly no-limit experimentation. The games that have yet to be developed have me most excited.”

Altcoin ‘Gambling’ Can Be More Fun and Profitable Than Many Have Expected

Matthew Branton touched on how dealing with alternative cryptocurrencies is similar to gambling online.

“Bitcoin trading and Bitcoin gambling are brothers-in-arms, and you can’t play a riskier or more rewarding game than betting big on market swings and human greed. This, however, should not be construed as investment advice, but there are rules if you want to win in ‘gambling’ altcoins.”

Grabbing Coins for Bitcoin Gambling Can Be Done in 5 Quick Ways

Gambling bitcoins can be frustrating when there is not enough bankroll to wager. Daniel Nyairo listed 5 methods to buy or trade the digital currency.

“Granted that there are several ways one can acquire bitcoins, difficulties in buying the digital currency should not, therefore, be a hindrance to engaging in wagering bitcoins on online gambling platforms, be they a casino, a poker room, or a sportsbook.”



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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