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Endorphina Views Bitcoin as Key for Improved Online Gambling

Jan Urbanec, Endorphina’s sales manager, described today’s Bitcoin economy as ‘not good enough.’ He believes the adoption is instrumental for Bitcoin to succeed as well as for the Bitcoin gambling industry to grow. He also shared with our CoinPoint correspondent his advice: spend bitcoins.

“Since we are in the entertainment industry we need to show that Endorphina, like a real entertainer, knows no obstacles to show people a good time. Our role is small and maybe not critical for Bitcoin to succeed, but it surely is an important one to validate the existence of Bitcoin for players.”

Micon’s SwCPoker Set to Showcase Bitcoin Poker 2.0 in 48 Hours

The abrupt closure of SealsWithClubs surprised the Bitcoin poker community. Bryan Micon published a tell-all video, detailing an arrest and server problems in Romania. News of a new poker room under his management also surfaced.

“Based on Micon’s previous statements and reports, SwCPoker will become the first site to run on the Bitcoin poker 2.0 platform. This entails better performance and services altogether, promising improvements from the original Seals website.”

BitBet Delivers Revolutionary Sports Betting to the Bitcoin Gambling Industry

Bitcoin sports betting witnesses a change and this is through the initiatives of BitBet. Operations Manager Simon Bishop detailed in the exclusive interview how they intend to perform in the years to come.

“We can see strong growth in the Bitcoin gambling sector over the next 5 years and we want to establish the BITBET247 brand in this space over this period of time. In the shorter term we are focused on the execution of our plans to ensure we offer a consistent and appealing product to the market. We also have plans in the short term to add a Bitcoin casino offering and a comprehensive live betting product.”

Cubits’ Payment Services Enhance Bitcoin Casino Landscape

Europe-based Cubits positively impacts the Bitcoin casino market by providing websites like Bitstarz with a new payment gateway that enables currency conversion from BTC to EUR for bettors to play the Microgaming games.

“Cubits’ ability to cater to global customers further establishes its efficiency as an instrument in the expansion of a Bitcoin casino as well as in the promotion of Bitcoin gambling. This becomes more evident with its recent partnership with SoftSwiss, a top-class Bitcoin casino software provider that powers up some of the leading casinos on the market.” Adds Twists to ‘So Much Wow’ Games

Dogecoin gambling is not dead, and proves so. Cofounder Lisa Cleder revealed how her website differs from the usual casinos online.

“We are trying to create games in a little bit different way than usual. We have implemented jackpot which is actually a race and who is the fastest and puts his bets the best will win it. You can also earn achievement points by playing our games. It is just for fun and we hope it will sweeten the playing.  We are planning to create rankings of players which have earned the most achievement points so players can compare each other.  And more will come if it will be successful.”



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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