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NitrogenSports Hacker Hits Bitalo, Now with 100BTC Bounty on Head

Hacker DD4BC made the headlines once more after it attacked another Bitcoin business after successfully hampering operations of the Bitcoin sportsbook Nitrogen Sports. This time, it targeted Bitalo, a multi-signature wallet and decentralized exchange, which put a 100 BTC bounty on the hacker’s head.

“According to the hacker, he—she or they—launches the DDoS attacks to highlight the vulnerability of the platform’s security measures. In short, it appears as if he is doing the brands a huge favor by pinpointing the possible weaknesses and flaws of their system. However, this seemingly philanthropic act comes at a price. Refusal to pay the requested amount, unfortunately, results in further attacks.”

This is War! Cody Wilson Sets Out Plan to Kill Bitcoin Foundation

Apparently, not everyone is all too happy about Bitcoin Foundation, Dark Wallet Co-Founder and Defense Distributed Director Cody Wilson said he will campaign for a seat in the foundation’s board and destroy it.

“I will run on a platform of the complete dissolution of the Bitcoin Foundation and will begin and end every single one of my public statements with that message.”

Chinese Bitcoin Bettors Eye OKCoin’s Premium Services for Crypto Exchange

Bitcoin exchange OKCoin continues to register the highest Bitcoin trading volume in the Chinese market, catering for more customers, including online bettors in the region’s Bitcoin casino market.

“A global cryptocurrency trading platform, OKCoin boasts a significant share of the Bitcoin trading volume for the past six months. In fact, the online exchange registered record-breaking figures for its Bitcoin and Litecoin transaction volumes in March of this year, reaching about 293,000 BTC and around 12.9 million LTC.” Rep Shares Goals for Better Gambling Services

An interview with Andraz Zurman, a representative, reveals the brands intentions to enter the mobile gambling business and to further strengthen their services.

“With over 130 Bitcoin casino games, including live lottery and live dealer games, emerges as one of the rising brands in the Bitcoin gambling market. He, then, assures that this Bitcoin casino is among the most trustworthy brands in the industry.”

Cruel Poker Ignites Bitcoin Poker Market via New Software

Chinese poker enthusiasts can now play their favorite poker games online using bitcoins on Cruel Poker.

“Cruel Poker is new Open Face Chinese poker software, offering cash games for crypto-currency, but dollar games are coming soon. Beta-version of the program is already running. Cruel Poker offers great quality and stability of online poker gaming. Our solution is designed by professional players for professional players—founders of the project are two professional poker players and IT-company owner.”



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