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The RoundupSoftSwiss Launches Latest Project: News&Score Bitcoin Betting Exchange

A popular name in the Bitcoin gambling scene, SoftSwiss has broadened its market by venturing beyond the casino market and integrating Bitcoin gambling into the online sportsbook News&Score.

SoftSwiss, known for its comprehensive Bitcoin casino software, recently launched its latest project, the News&Score Bitcoin Betting Exchange. Tailored for cryptocurrency fans, especially those of Bitcoin, the modern gaming portal now features anonymous, instant, and automatic online betting.

Jetwin Excites Bitcoin Sports Betting Market with Premier Services

Avid Bitcoin sports enthusiasts may bet on different markets on the top-notch Bitcoin sportsbook Jetwin, either via an anonymous or fully registered account.

Although positioned in the top tier, together with the leading brands in the Bitcoin casino and gambling markets, Jetwin continues to be in the works for the improvements of its sports betting services, and possibly on the addition of a Live Casino.

Big Winners, Avid Bettors Find Gambling Haven in

A role model for success, the network of Bitcoin gambling platforms—Betcoin Casino, Betcoin Poker, and Betcoin Sports—continues to become a hotspot for online betting aficionados who fancy large prizes, many bonuses, and more games.

Its network of betting platforms constantly grows through the enhancements of the gambling services offered, as well as through the increasing population of players patronizing the brands within the Betcoin Network.

On top of the vast improvements that are also evident on its Bitcoin sports betting system, pushes its services to the limits by optimizing its game offerings to suit the mobile betting market, specifically for the iOS and Android users.

What Makes Bitcoin Gambling Attractive?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Dogecoin continue to prove their significance in the online gambling market.

Perhaps it is important to mention at this point that while various sectors of the internet economy, as well as brick and mortar, are adopting Bitcoin and altcoins as modes of payment at a noticeable rate, over 50% of the transactions are online gambling related.

The question is: why is this so?

Do Bitcoin’s Price Fluctuations Affect Gambling?

The value of Bitcoin has faced sharp fluctuations over the past days. Should players be alarmed? What are the ways to reduce risks that are born from Bitcoin’s volatility?

Bitcoin brings with it a built-in form of gambling. Because it is often treated like an investment vehicle, there is no telling what is going to happen to the price over the next day or week. This makes it important to decide whether you want to roll with the normal risk or minimize it. It can be minimized by playing games that allow instant deposits and withdrawals, and ensuring the coins are in your Bitcoin wallet after each session. On the other hand, games like sports betting cater to a wide variety of players, with the added risk involved.



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