‘UltraPlay’ Spotted Bright Future for Bitcoins

‘Future looks golden for Bitcoins’ – this has been affirmed when the chief executive of UltraPlay, Dariy Margaritov, specified that they will continue to seek for more positive prospects on the most popular crypto-currency, Bitcoins.

UltraplayUltraPlay is a known Bulgaria-based online platform launched in 2010 and began utilizing Bitcoin last May of this year. For three years, it has been well-known to offer quality online casino, sportsbook, and lottery solutions, and clearly, it has started to recognize the full advantages bitcoin has through the establishment of its bitcoin casino, Bit777.

Considered to be ‘the world’s most advanced bitcoin casino’, Bit777 offers numerous bitcoin casino games from Slots , Table Games, Card Games, up to Roulette and Video Poker. Since this casino revolves around bitcoins, complete anonymity, no country restriction, simple way to get started, as well as easy and speedy transactions are provided. In addition, it has bonuses and promotions bitcoin players certainly adore; hence, the reason for continued patronage for this bitcoin betting brand.

Bit777According to Margaritov, “Bit777, which offers over 50 different games, has [already] processed more than $2 million (€ 1.5 million) in bets and had more than 4,300 players as of early August.” Clearly, this immediate eminence of their own bitcoin casino had led UltraPlay to seek for more opportunities into the Bitcoin space.

‘We will be going after the Bitcoin gambling space as well as real money gambling space, and we have managed to close a few major deals that will be announced shortly’, he added.

Recently, Bitcoin has been again put in the limelight due to numerous reasons. First among these is when it once again hit a surge and crosses the $100 mark, which proves that this digital coin is on its way up. There are also concerns reported regarding its standing and legality, and so far most attested one thing, bitcoins are real currency and sooner rather than later it will fortunately be part of the society.

On the other hand, due to the undeniable fact that bitcoin is the best solution for online gambling, aside from several bitcoin casinos ubiquitously found in the cyber world, their numbers are continue to increase as time flies by. Most of these bitcoin casinos claimed to have a good fortune with the aid of bitcoins, and this is a clear proof that there are indeed golden breaks for this virtual currency.

Furthermore, with regards to the future plans of UltraPlay, Margaritov stated that, “we are currently releasing a sports book and lottery software solution, which has a full range of features such as agents, affiliates and web shop functionality.”

This crystal clear statement of UltraPlay to search for more bitcoin fortunes due to the great success of their bitcoin casino, Bit777, is more than enough to convey that there is indeed a bright future ahead for bitcoins.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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