This Week’s Hottest: Ball2Win, Microsoft, and Just-Dice

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Ball2Win CEO Drops News of Major Expansion in December

Tong Ng Tung, CEO at Ball2Win, exclusively shared the new additions that will soon grace the Bitcoin sports betting site and casino.

“We are working on expanding every day. We just set up a support team in Europe last month, and we are working with Microgaming and prepare to launch more than 500 casino games, with attractive jackpots and fun games. We expect it can be ready by end of this month.”

Are We Overreacting on Microsoft’s Adoption of Bitcoin?

Yes, Microsoft finally welcomed Bitcoin. Daniel Nyairo provided a detailed and insightful piece on the true essence of the Redmond-based multinational corporation’s adoption of the digital currency.

“Another influence Microsoft’s decision is likely to have is putting pressure on entities that have taken the strategy of fighting crypto coins to abandon or rethink their stance on the digital currency.”

Just-Dice Reopens, Drops Bitcoin for Clams

Who would have thought Just-Dice would be back in business? This time, however, it no longer works with Bitcoin but with Clams instead. Bryan Burgett filled in the details of the resurrecting crypto dice site.

“Rather than supporting the most common digital currency, Bitcoin, Just-Dice has taken the route of using an altcoin, called CLAMs. While the site has supported altcoins in the past (like DOGE being accepted on Doge-Dice), it was unexpected for an altcoin to be the primary method of gambling on the site. Luckily, the community has largely accepted it for what it is and worked towards building JD back up to where it was.”

Bitcoin as Commodity or Currency: What Difference Does It Make to Gambling?

Daniel explored the effect of taxing Bitcoin on the online gambling sector. Does it matter for Bitcoin gamblers or is it taken lightly by the players?

“Generally in a jurisdiction where Bitcoin is given the tag of a commodity and any transaction where it is used as a medium of exchange recognized as barter trade, the cost tends to be higher.

This is because every time money changes hands in the form of Bitcoin, there is a tax that is attached to it. This, of course, is the opposite of what happens when the digital currency is treated as a currency.”

Lotitbit Brings More Game Features to Bitcoin Lottery

Bitcoin lottery is yet to become a widely played game in the Bitcoin gambling market, but websites offering this game continue to increase. Case in point: Lotitbit. Lotitbit’s Mikola Burbaka shared with Bitcoin Gambling Guide insightful opinions about the market.

“LotItBit is truly unique. Even though that LotItBit has all the hallmarks of a classic lottery, it has features which transform it into a real unpredictable race where anyone can hit the jackpot. If the classic lottery draw is held at the end of the lottery only once, in LotItBit, within one game each new bid generates a new combination of lucky numbers. This means that each purchased ticket plays a lot of times by the number of tickets purchased.”



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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