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Earning Profits Made Simpler in Trading Bitcoin Binary Options, Forex

While Bitcoin gambling offers entertainment and Bitcoin wins, Bitcoin binary options and forex trading provide more opportunities to earn Bitcoin. The Bitcoin financial markets are fast becoming a trend among investors and Bitcoin enthusiasts, but trading binary options using cryptocurrency appears to have a larger audience.

“The popularity of Bitcoin in the financial trading markets greatly manifests today as more platforms are tailored for bitcoiners who prefer to indulge in trading Bitcoin binary options and forex. Between the two, however, Bitcoin binary options trading appears to have a higher demand. The increasing number of websites hosting this service reflects the appeal of the fusion of binary trading and the digital currency.”

BitcoinPenguin Pushes for Industry Improvements, Launches Over 150 Betsoft Games

BitcoinPenguin partnered with Betsoft Gaming to further expand its selection by adding more than 150 high-definition games to its SoftSwiss-powered platform. More than making its website more competitive in the market, however, a BitcoinPenguin representative shared that this is in line with their mission to push the Bitcoin gambling industry to new heights.

“This is important, because we believe in constantly expanding and pushing the boundaries of the whole bitcoin gambling industry. Our end goal is to make bitcoin gambling ‘mainstream’, which means that our product has to be just as good as the big traditional online casinos in terms of games available, while offering the ease and convenience of transacting in bitcoin.”

5 Secrets New Bettors Must Know to Enjoy Bitcoin Gambling

It is already a given that gambling with bitcoins is a great alternative to betting on the web using fiat money. However, not all bettors are aware of the tips or practices that will give them a more desirable and rewarding experience.

“Uncover the secrets and guarantee an experience that is worth repeating by exploring the secrets to a blissful time in Bitcoin gambling: #1: Choose the Bitcoin casino games carefully. #2: Guarantee fun and worry-free betting with play money. #3: Bet real bitcoins provided by the Bitcoin faucet hosted on the betting site. #4: Never be afraid to explore different brands. #5: Use all the Bitcoin bonuses wisely.”

Will P2P Distributed Bitcoin Exchange Become the Standard in the Future?

Daniel Nyairo investigated the possibility of a peer-to-peer distributed Bitcoin exchange to become the most used system within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“When two individuals link up for a transaction on the platform, the money exchanged between the two ends is broken down into numerous micro-transactions. The performance of these micro-transactions happens one after the fulfillment of another through what is known as a micropayment channel. This way, one party cannot swindle the other by taking payment and not honoring their end of the bargain. Apart from safety, the platform is also designed to make the transactions fast.”

Mt. Gox Heist: An Inside Job, Now What?

A recent police report revealed that the Mt. Gox incident might have been a result of an inside job. This put its founder and CEO Mark Karpeles among the possible conduits for the lost bitcoins. Daniel covered the story and expounded on its possible effect on Bitcoin gambling.

“For close to nine months, the company has continually linked the loss to an external hack on its systems. However, that position seems to get seriously tainted by the release of this police report. Consequently, will Karpeles have to face a judge to prove his innocence, or things will rather go away silently? Furthermore, how does this report stand to benefit all those that lost their money in the heist? Will they be compensated, and if so, by who?”



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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