This Week’s Hottest: Cubits, Bitshares Play, and iGaming Business with GoCoin

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5 Ways Cubits Make Bitcoin Transactions Less Cryptic and More Mainstream

UK firm Cubits released its new products—Cubits Wallet and Cubits Pay—which are designed to make Bitcoin transactions simpler and faster, but without compromising security. Set to deliver ease and convenience to mainstream users, Cubits boasts several reasons an average bitcoiner should use these services:

“1) Cubits Wallet highlights user-friendliness, accessibility, and speed 2) A total of 17 currencies are supported by the wallet 3) Funds are stored offline and protected by multi-signature technology 4) Cubits Pay increases coverage but lowers transaction fees 5) Merchants receive extra benefits through the use of the payments platform”

Startup Play Eyes Blockchain Technology to Improve Online Gaming

Chinese startup Bitshares Play or Play launched a crowdfunding session to push its project to fully launch and present great promises in the online gaming industry. Its project highlights the elimination of trust when playing games on the web by using the Bitshares blockchain technology.

“According to reports, the solution proposed by Play is to set up on-chain games, which are different, independent, and run completely on the blockchain. The on-chain games that will be supported by this decentralized autonomous company (DAC) are third party products, including chance games, quiz games, chess games, probability and strategy-based games, as well as ByteMaster’s proposed interactive multiple-unit game. Likewise, the Bitcoin gambling prediction market is expected to be supported by Play’s initiative.”

iGaming Business-GoCoin Partnership Hints Brighter Bitcoin Gambling Future

Known for its long stay in the business as a publishing, research, and events company, iGaming Business moved forward with its partnership with GoCoin, an international cryptocurrency payments platform. The collaboration enables iGaming Business to receive Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin payments, and it hinted positive effects on the Bitcoin gambling market.

“Although not directly impacting the niche, the iGaming Business-GoCoin partnership is a step forward for the Bitcoin gambling market as well as the industry in general. For one, it proved that the iGaming sector is finally taking notice and embracing cryptocurrency. Likewise, this would eliminate specific shortcomings experienced with fiat money.”

What Does 2015 Hold for Bitcoin?

Controversies, price drops, and new technologies were among the noteworthy events that happened for Bitcoin in 2014. Daniel Nyairo shared how he perceives 2015 would be for the digital currency.

“As 2015 begins the question that is likely to be in the minds of many around the globe, especially enthusiast of Bitcoin is what the new year holds. Is this the year when the cryptocurrency will make that final and major leap into the mainstream? Is it the year when numerous and favorable regulations are going to be witnessed around the world? Or is this the year the Bitcoin price will collapse and see the last bit of Bitcoin as a viable currency, as prophesized by Martin Hutchinson in an article published by Reuters last month?”

Does the Cost Mining a Bitcoin Make it Viable or Not?

Bitcoin mining is essential to keep the cryptocurrency in full operation. However, with the Bitcoin value’s low performance on the market, many, including Daniel, begin to question whether or not mining the digital currency is still worth its cost.

“The Bitcoin value has been on a free fall in the last few months. From a high of $1,100 in the last quarter of 2013, the coin now costs slightly over $200, prompting every Bitcoin exchange to register extreme lows…According to the research conducted in June 2014by Hass McCook, a writer on Bitcoin trends, mining 1 BTC costs about $600 in terms of electricity bills and the hardware and software bought.”



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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