This Week’s Hottest: Delta.Support, Smart Bitcoin Gambling, and BitcoinExpo London 2015

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Delta.Support Showcases Professional, Innovative Services to Clients

Some of the tasks needed for a Bitcoin gaming business to function effectively on the market are better off assigned to those with enough knowledge and expertise in the area. Better yet, leave it to Delta.Support. Ana Karamanova, head of business development, introduced Delta.Support through the exclusive Bitcoin Gambling Guide interview.

“Delta.Support is a rather young company and by young I mean not only the company itself, but also all the amazing, creative people working here. We offer outsourcing solutions for iGaming suppliers. We save our partners’ time and money, while delivering higher quality and professional attitude to their end users.”

Bitcoin Strengthens Foundation for Even Smarter Gambling on Web, Mobile

Significant improvements are felt in the Bitcoin gambling market through the constantly developing iGaming technologies. Daniel Nyairo talked about Bitcoin’s role in this process, and how this digital currency creates a new generation of web and mobile bettors.

“With Bitcoin at the forefront of making innovations in the online gambling industry, the players are bound to embark on a journey that will be filled with new experiences, offerings, and technologies. These significantly enhance the gameplay in Bitcoin casino brands, sports books, and other gambling sites.”

BitcoinExpo London 2015 Puts Spotlight on Startups

Bitcoin’s innovative technology opens more opportunities for entrepreneurs to introduce new products that can improve the Bitcoin markets. Thus, BitcoinExpo London 2015 sees it fit to give room for startups to unveil their inventions and network with fellow entrepreneurs or investors.

“Aside from the insightful speeches, networking, debates, and exhibitions, the two-day conference is also dedicating a portion of its agenda for the Startup Show.

This segment will provide new companies with the opportunities to present their ideas and products as well as receive guidance and suggestions in order to effectively achieve success in the business. More importantly, it functions as the medium through which they can acquire their target funding from investors.”

Blue Velvet Casino Owner Big Mike Shares Plans for Vintage-like Bitcoin Casino

With over 12 months in the business, Blue Velvet Casino is ready to bring its services to the next level with the addition of multi poker, social game, and HTML5 games. In addition, owner Big Mike believes Bitcoin will be instrumental in revolutionizing the world in the future.

“I think Bitcoin will be a part of the “new Internet century” like Google or Facebook. There will always be a need and demand for gambling. I see Bitcoin as an investment in new high technologies. Maybe some technology can help us in the future to solve problems or bring us to another century’s technology, which will eventually allow us to travel to the stars.”



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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