This Week’s Hottest: PokerShibes, Altcoins, and IP Address Block Workarounds

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How to Get Around IP Address Blocks for Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin is not regulated in all countries, but some have strict rules against online gambling. Amanda Johnson laid down three methods that are currently available for worldwide users, especially online players, and mostly used to access the Bitcoin gambling websites that block IP addresses from certain locations.

“What’s a Bitcoin gambler to do? There are three workarounds to this type of IP block, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. The three workarounds are Tor, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and decentralized gambling protocols.”

PokerShibes Eyes Top Spot in Cryptocurrency Poker

Bitcoin poker rooms rule the poker industry powered by cryptocurrency, but Pokershibes is destined to change that as it gears to improve the online poker services it currently offers.

“We’ll be rolling out high-end deposit bonuses, additional player management tools, and the first steps towards a homegrown client. Beyond 2014, we will roll out an improved player client, alternative game types, and many other features, as we strive to make PokerShibes the leader in the cryptocurrency poker industry.”

You Ought to Know that Bitcoin is Not the Only Crypto Coin Around

When people say cryptocurrency, they tend to mean Bitcoin. However, this should not be the case, as pointed out by Daniel Nyairo. He listed reasons altcoins like Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Peercoin, among others should receive the attention it deserves.

“The growth of new cryptocurrencies has not stopped, there are new ones coming up nearly every other day. While some altcoins are for anyone in the general public who is interested, others are targeted at specific groups of people. Nevertheless, because of its forerunning position and fast adoption, Bitcoin has remained in cryptocurrency what gold is in precious metals.”

Simple Ways to Secure Bitcoin Wins in Wallets

Nothing can be as rewarding as collecting massive Bitcoin winnings from betting on online games. However, players must remember that their Bitcoin wallet may be subject to hacks and manipulation, which may result in the loss of bitcoins. Daniel Nyairo shared what the best things to do with cold and warm wallets when gambling with Bitcoin.

“There are key points to remember in order to protect your Bitcoin wallets from possible hacks and unauthorized access, but when gambling with bitcoins, it is a must to ensure that you only keep enough coins to serve as your bankroll for that gambling session. In fact, what most bettors do is they transfer BTC from their cold wallet to their warm wallet dedicated for Bitcoin gambling.”

MoneyPot Introduces Unique Qualities through Multiplayer, Social Game

Finding success in the Bitcoin gambling market may already be a tough job as numerous casinos and gaming platforms have already introduced their own set of offerings. However, MoneyPot Programmer Eric Springer created a unique multiplayer game that will provide a breath of fresh air in the industry.

“I think Money Pot is unique in a few senses. It’s one of the few games where it’s possible to play +EV, which means you can actually expect to make a profit…everyone is playing the exact same game, which I think creates a much better social game for everyone…[and it] doesn’t have a fixed house edge, which encourages a more dynamic style of game play.”



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