Wheel of Doge Brings ‘So Fun’ Back in Online Gambling

Wheel of Doge

Dogecoin gambling may not be as established as the Bitcoin gambling market but it is certainly enjoying a significant amount of following and encouragement from its ever-supportive community. As a result, Dogecoin betting platforms are slowly making their presence felt in the online gaming industry.

Wheel of Doge is among these brands offering a game that is a fusion of Bitcoin lottery and Bitcoin dice. Launched about four months ago, it had just recently gone out of the beta phase, and is now all set to offer its full services to Dogecoin bettors across the globe via the BHS software that powers its entire betting system.

“We’re the funnest Dogecoin game in the world,” said Angelica Jones, a 26 year-old finance major who is responsible for the marketing arm of Wheel of Doge.

I had the chance to speak with her, and she willingly shared her insights about Wheel of Doge, on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling, and even her company’s long-term plans to succeed in the budding Dogecoin gambling market.

It’s great to have you, Angelica. Let’s talk about Wheel of Doge. How is it different from the other Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling brands?

We’re a highly customizable and provably fair wheel game for the Dogecoin community. We emphasize design, ease of use and customizability. Also, we are only for Dogecoin.

You’re tasked to handle marketing. What are the challenges that you face ever since you suited up for Wheel of Doge?

We’ve been overwhelmed with positive feedback, support and traffic. So dealing with that while still in beta has been crazy.

Great support from the Dogecoin community! What would you want to tell them or, better yet, what are the things you wish to relay to your potential customers?

Thank you for the huge amount of support to everyone in Dogecoin. We are working hard to implement all the suggestions and they’re coming over these next weeks. That includes the developer API for our more technical players.

Interesting. Are there other plans to further beef up your brand?

To keep developing our existing features and adding new ones.

Although I’m aware you’re focused on Dogecoin, what can you say about Bitcoin and the growth of Bitcoin casinos and gambling sites?

We think it is encouraging and inevitable. The technology lends itself to this use and this pushes the technology forward. We like all digital currencies, not just Bitcoin. And we are particularly inspired by what we see happening in the Dogecoin space specifically.

Do you believe cryptocurrencies affect our lives now and in the future?

More than any individual could imagine right now, except maybe Nostradamus. This technology will change everything about human interaction between each other and society.

Indeed. Well, thank you for this opportunity, Angelica!



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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